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12 Of the Most Common Weeds That Could Be Growing in Your Lawn

Weeds. They’re the bane of everybody with a green thumb and anyone who takes pride in their lawn. Nobody wants any type of weed growing in their lawn but sometimes they are unavoidable.

Here at CT Lawns, we’re Brisbane’s lawn care and maintenance experts. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the twelve most common weeds.

  1. Bindi Eye
    This weed is easily identifiable from its sparsely hairy leaves, which come divided into numerous segments. It has small, barely noticeable flowers and spine-tipped burrs that you can spot in between the leaf and stem. It can get treated with a selective turf herbicide.
  1. Mouse Ear Chick Weed
    This is a highly common garden and lawn weed that has small, soft leaves. It has an invasive root system that forms a type of “mat” underneath your lawn. It sprouts tiny white flowers that produce seeds. These drop to the ground to further spread this weed. Treat Mouse Ear Chick with herbicide alongside some spreader and wetter.
  1. Rye Grass
    This is a darkly coloured clumping type of grass that is quite common in most lawns. A grass killer is the best treatment for this. Just be careful to spray it only on the Rye Grass, and not your lawn.
  1. Dandelion
    Dandelion is a common, perennial weed that grows as a rosette of dark, green and flat leaves. It has a deep taproot and it is recognisable due to its distinctive yellow flower that grows from its centre.
  1. Thistle
    Thistle is another common lawn weed. It grows upright and contains a milky sap that leaks when the thistle gets broken. Its flowers are yellow and they contain seeds that help to spread it.
  1. Clover
    While a four-leaf clover may be good luck, the clover is still a weed. It’s easy to identify due its three-leaf appearance. Again, this is a weed that is best treated with herbicide.
  1. White Clover
    Like the clover, this weed is slightly different due to its white flower.
  1. Crab Grass
    Crabgrass is an aptly named weed. It clings to the surface of your lawn and it has broad, flat leaves with red stems.
  1. Kikuyu
    Another common lawn weed, Kikuyu is an invasive coarse bladed grass.
  1. Oxalis
    This broadleaf perennial is easy to identify, with its tiny yellow flowers.
  1. Bindweed
    Another perennial weed, the bindweed can climb to over two metres if left untreated.
  1. Nutsedge
    This weed is a type of grass that sprouts up in clumps.

Are you worried about the state of your lawn? CT Lawns can provide lawn health checks and inspect for weeds and other invasive plants. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We’re always happy to help.

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