Lawn that is dying due to fungal disease

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Lawn

Do you have brown or dead patches showing up in your lawn? ‘Fairy rings’ of discoloured grass? It’s probably lawn disease.

Here are some fixes for common lawn disease problems and, more importantly, three essential lawn maintenance tips to stop them developing. 

1. Damp Grass Breeds Disease

Watering your lawn at night or late afternoon is a big mistake. At night your lawn absorbs less water and less moisture can evaporate. This creates wet conditions where fungal diseases thrive, especially on warm nights.

Apply less water to the shady parts of your lawn for the same reason, and where feasible prune back shrubs and trees to let sunlight through.

2. Mow Regularly, but Not Too Short

Find out the ideal frequency for mowing your particular lawn and get a routine going. Regular mowing will keep your lawn in good health, and help you control the thatch layer, both of which are good for controlling diseases.

Keep your mower blades sharp and don’t mow too short – grass that is stressed by dull blades or cut too short is weakened and becomes vulnerable to disease.

3. Keep Your Lawn Fertile

A strong, healthy lawn will fight off most diseases that attempt to attack it. Keep your lawn fighting fit with a year round fertilising regimen. If done right, this is simple and cost-effective and will work wonders in protecting and enhancing your lawn.

So You’ve Got Lawn Fungus

Maybe you found this article too late, or you just got unlucky, and your grass is sick. Here are some of the most common lawn diseases and what to do about them:

Powdery Mildew

This disease looks like a white dust on your lawn but is actually a fungal disease eating away at the grass.

Luckily, it’s very simple to treat: mix baking soda with water and apply to your lawn with a watering can. This will kill the disease and leave your lawn unaffected.

Brown Patch

This is just what it sounds like – brown patches of dying grass, which are being feasted on and destroyed by the brown patch disease.

Kill brown patch off with an appropriate fungicide like Daconil Weather Stik.

Dollar Spot

The dollar spot lawn disease creates small patches of yellow or brown – about the size of dollar coins – across your lawn.

In this case, prevention is also the cure – instituting proper land management as outlined above will fix the problem in almost all cases.

Fairy Ring

Fairy ring – recognisable by circular mushrooms or bright rings of grass, is one of the most difficult lawn diseases to deal with. Fairy ring can’t be cured but, if caught early, can be removed by digging up the section of yard it’s in. This will require exact and careful work to avoid reinfection, so enlisting a professional can often help.

Prevention Is Best

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Quality turfs like Zoysia and Sir Walter Buffalo Grass are naturally disease-resistant when healthy. For more information on proper lawn care practices call us on 1300 547 946 or enquire online.

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