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6 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy This Summer

Summer is a time for your lawn to shine; it’s a time for BBQs, parties, and backyard sports. But summer is also a time of strain for your turf, especially in hot areas like north Brisbane, Darwin, or the Sunshine Coast. Keep your turf looking its best over summer with these helpful tips.

1. Summer Watering

A deep root system is one of the best ways to keep lawns healthy in summer. The deeper the roots go, the more protected they’ll be from the heat and the better access they’ll have to water stored underground.

The way to achieve a deep root system is to water very deeply, but infrequently. Let your grass start to dry out and wilt a little, then give it a really good soaking. It seems counter-intuitive to let your lawn dry out, but when it’s not getting water from above, the roots will extend deeper to seek water below.

2. Use a Wetting Agent

Soil that gets dried out by the sun can become hydrophobic. To make your watering efficient, you should apply a wetting agent to increase your soil’s water absorbency in the summer months. Wetting agents coat soil with a water-attracting agent and break down any greasy coating on the soil particles to allow more absorption and retention.

3. Summer Mowing

Summer is peak growing season for your lawn, so you’ll want to mow more often to keep it in good shape. You can also lower the blade height on your mower in summer, as the grass is more vigorous and can repair more easily. However, a thicker layer of grass helps protect the soil from drying out in the sun, so you may want to stick with a higher setting.

4. Knock Weeds on the Head

If your lawn is healthy and strong it will likely take care of any intruders itself. But if weeds have managed to get a foothold, knock them on the head with weed control or similar early in the season – the weeds grow faster in summer too!

5. Thatch Control

Couch turfs like Wintergreen or Zoysia build up a layer of thatch – dead stolons (runners) under the grass’s surface. This thatch layer can prevent new stolons roots getting to the soil, making it harder for your grass to get nutrients and water in the summer heat. Hire a professional team to ‘vertimow’ your lawn and reduce the thatch. This will help your grass thrive in summer and also leave it looking more level and attractive.

6. Fertilise Early

Give your lawn a boost for summer by fertilising early in the season. Use a quality slow-release granular fertiliser to ensure best results. A good fertiliser should have high levels of nitrogen to encourage growth and colour, phosphorous for strong roots, and potassium to aid metabolism and respiration.


Look after your lawn over summer, but don’t be precious about it – get out there and enjoy it!

If you need help getting your lawn ready for summer with advice or turf supplies in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast call us on 1300 547 946 or enquire online.

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