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6 ways Sir Walter Turf Helps Create the Perfect Lawn

6 ways Sir Walter Turf Helps Create the Perfect Lawn

A beautiful lawn makes your home stand out from its neighbours. But it’s not always easy to grow your own, and if you have problems with dust or want to create a recreation area quickly, you want a fast solution for lawn installation. Don’t try and seed it!

Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter Turf is a soft buffalo grass that is the ideal lawn solution for the often harsh Australian conditions. It creates an instant, perfectly green lawn, helps you control dust and erosion, and requires minimum lawn maintenance. The following are six reasons to choose a Sir Walter lawn for your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast home.

1. Cost

Although Sir Walter grass costs a little more upfront than lower quality turfs, it is cheaper and easier to maintain so you’ll save more money and time in the long run.

2. Drought Resistance

Sir Walter Turf is a product created in Australia for Australian conditions. Buffalo grasses like Sir Walter perform well in drought conditions, maintaining growth rates better and recovering faster.

3. Cool and Comfortable

Despite being such a hardy, tough grass Sir Walter Turf is wonderfully soft underfoot. A Sir Walter lawn also cools the area around your house, keeping it up to 40 degrees cooler than other yard options like asphalt, pavers or pebbles! This is especially important in hot areas like Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

4. Natural Weed Control

When properly maintained, Sir Walter Turf suffocates most weeds before they get a foothold in your lawn. If a weed or two does manage to pop however, the turf’s natural resistance makes getting them back under control much easier.

5. Frost and Heat Resistant

This type of lawn grows best between 20 and 30 degrees, making a Sir Walter Lawn ideal for the average temperatures in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. But this remarkable turf can also weather cold snaps, heatwaves, and even frosts – surviving at temperatures from minus 11 degrees to a sweltering 50 degrees!

6. A Green Choice

A lawn that stays green year round and requires less maintenance has a number of environmental benefits. Sir Walter Turf absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen more efficiently than trees, and its low maintenance needs equal savings in water, energy for mowing, and cut down on pesticide use.

Tips for Laying Your Turf

If you do decide to upgrade your yard with Sir Walter Turf, having recognised many of the benefits, here are some handy tips on getting the installation right:

  • Prepare the soil with a rotary hoe or by hand, after getting rid of unwanted grass or plants
  • Make sure you install your turf the same day it arrives
  • Make sure sections of turf are very close together to avoid gaps – take your time to get it right
  • Water your lawn as soon as it is laid. If it’s a big area, have someone water what’s already been put down as you continue to work

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CT Lawns are leading turf suppliers for Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. If you’ve decided Sir Walter is for you call us today on 1300 547 946 or enquire online for a competitive quote.

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