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Sports Turf – Turning Your Brisbane Man Into a Backyard Champion

A backyard cricket pitch can transform your Brisbane bloke into a leg-spinning, fast-bowling, hard-hitting legend. A backyard putting green can turn your man into a Tiger. If your other half loves cricket or golf, a backyard cricket pitch or putting green has to be the ultimate gift. All you need to create their field of dreams is the right sports turf and perfect preparation.

Howzat for a gift! The Backyard Cricket Pitch

Most of us make do with a wheelie bin for stumps, a fence as a boundary and the most basic of rules – Six & Out being an Aussie favourite. But for the cricket fanatic, this is not good enough. If your other half is nuts about cricket, you’ll know that only a properly prepared pitch will do – 20 metres of turfed perfection.

If you have the room, a backyard cricket pitch is a fantastic gift idea. But, as with the installation of any new turf, it involves more than just unrolling that lovely green grass. Site preparation is vital. The pitch needs to be located in a part of your yard that receives the right amount of sun, while a site that is prone to water-logging is not the place for your pitch. To give your pitch the best possible foundation you need to use high quality top soil, and clear the chosen area of weeds, rubbish or anything that might impede root establishment and grass growth.

You’ll need a hard wearing lawn. The turf needs to be able to withstand wear and tear – after all, it is still a back yard that has to put up with everyday traffic, as well as your man’s Ashes-winning exploits. The grass type on your backyard cricket pitch also needs to be tolerant to low mowing – not even Shane Warne could spin his magic on an overgrown pitch that looks more like a green shagpile carpet. Turf suppliers now stock special sports turf, with many instant lawn varieties being tough, mowable and just right for serious backyard cricket. Before you choose any old cheap turf, talk to a turf professional about the best turf for your backyard stadium.

Lining up the ideal golfing gift – The Backyard Putting Green

Did you know that turf suppliers now stock grass types that are just perfect for backyard putting greens? If you didn’t know that, you really should consult a turf supplier before you do anything. Putting greens, whether they’re on a championship golf course or in your backyard, are made of special grass, not your everyday lawn variety. A turf professional can show you the grass types best suited to putting greens, such as new hybrid couches that don’t mind low mowing, and really look the part.

While you’re talking to a turf supplier, ask them about site preparation and installation. Putting greens are regularly irregular, in shape and size. The classic putting green, even in backyard miniature, should be a curvy-edged, sloping affair. A flat, square putting green just isn’t a putting green, and your golf loving partner will be the first to tell you that. As you can imagine, laying turf to create an unevenly shaped, slightly sloping backyard putting green is a challenge, unless you’re a turf professional who specialises in installing such things.

Make it a winner for all seasons

Whether it’s a backyard cricket pitch, or a putting green, you’ll want it to provide enjoyment for many years to come. To make the pitch or green last for more than just one summer, you need to be as professional as you can in choosing the right grass variety, preparing the site and installing the turf. The failure to do these things properly means your very thoughtful gift will last about as long as a number 11 batsman facing a demon fast bowler. To ensure your gift is in top shape summer after summer, it’s best to consult a real professional. A turf supplier will advise you on more than just grass varieties. Excuse the pun, but they’re all-rounders. They can also handle site preparation and installation, so you can be sure that the champion in your life will enjoy many a triumph on their very own backyard cricket pitch or putting green.

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  2. We are planning to build a putting green from scratch with real turf in a kidney shape measuring 10m x 15m.
    Can you please provide a quote to do this?
    Thank you

    Kerry Hingston
    Bulimba Golf Club
    07 3399 6524

  3. Hi Kerry,

    We have had some experience with Golf Clubs of late so we would be more than happy to quote this project for you.

    Adam will be in contact with you to organise this.

    Look forward to working with you

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