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The Big Green Bag

Is new to CT Lawns and compliments the DIY Landscape market by allowing you to get soil delivered alongside your turf delivery. The Big Green Bag is filled with premium soil that can be used in garden beds or under turf in the preparation phase of your project. Why not get your soil delivered with your turf for your next DIY project and take advantage of the following benefits;

  • 1m3 per bag. Enough to cover 20m2 at 50mm thick
  • Soil placed around your site in the bag by our all-terrain loader.
  • No more kerbside deliveries
  • No more wheelbarrowing from the footpath to the back of your house.
  • An ecofriendly reusable bag that can be used for garden waste etc.
  • No more timing problems waiting for soil to be delivered
  • Get all your materials delivered at once and get on with the job.

What is the Big Green Bag?

It creates a convenient, eco-friendly way to get soil delivered to your home, whether you’re making a new garden bed or putting down underlay few a new turf installation. Filled with premium soil, the bag perfectly complements our turf installation services – we can bring you your turf and your soil on the same day so you can get to work.


What Do You Get?

Each bag contains a cubic metre of high quality soil. That’s enough to put down 10 square metres of 100mm deep underlay – perfect for a small lawn project; add a couple more bags and you can tackle something bigger.

The bag itself is environmentally friendly and reusable. You can put it in the recycling or keep it to use for garden waste when doing lawn maintenance.


Make Your Turf Installation More Efficient

Because the Big Green Bag is part of CT Lawn’s comprehensive lawn installation package you also get our great service. No more waiting around for a curbside delivery of soil while your turf dries out in the sun. Not only will we bring it direct to you along with your turf, we’ll place the bags where you need them on site add (provided there is access available) with our all-terrain loader. This means you can spend more time working on your perfect lawn, and less time waiting for soil or pushing a heavy wheelbarrow from the naturestrip to the back yard.


The Future of the Big Green Bag

This product won’t be just about soil for much longer. We want to make it a flexible, user-friendly delivery system for your garden maintenance needs. Future incarnations of the bag will deliver mulch, compost, bark, stones, and other lawn maintenance and gardening essentials. We’re even planning to use it to deliver firewood in winter.


Find out More

To learn more about the green bag or get a free quote on your turf installation project, call us on 1800 547 520 or enquire online.