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Blokes, Barbies & Backyards…& How To Win A Barbecue

Invite friends over for a Sunday roast in the middle of winter and there’s little chance the men will congregate around the oven while the meat is cooking. But get the crew around for a mid-summer barbie and there are no prizes for guessing where the blokes will be found. They’ll be huddled around the barbecue, sizzling sausages, flipping steaks and discussing the really important issues facing the world today, like who will coach Queensland once Mal Meninga calls it a day.

The bond between the average Aussie bloke and his barbecue is as strong as the chemistry between a drover and his dog. It’s no surprise really. The barbecue is often the focal point of the backyard – and the backyard is traditionally a man’s domain. Sure, the lady of the house might have some say in choosing the pretty flowers that adorn the edges. But the heart of the backyard – the lawn – is kept beating by the male of the species. He mows it. He weeds it. He sprays it. He loves it. The lawn is the emerald- green jewel in the crown of a man’s backyard, and the barbecue is where he, and his mates, gather to survey this magisterial patch. The connection between bloke, barbecue and backyard is not only strong – it’s flamin’ obvious.

The CT Lawns fellas know all this. After all, we’re in the business of making backyards complete. We understand no backyard is the real deal without a cracker lawn…and a barbecue. The two go together like Langer and Lewis, Bjelke and Peterson, or Moreton and Bay – which is why we’re giving you the chance to win a ripper of a barbecue this month! Buy over 50m2 of Sir Walter or 100m2 of Wintergreen from us and you’re in to win this yard-completing prize.

The winner will be drawn at the end of the month and if it’s you, Barbecues Galore will deliver the ultimate man-magnet right to your door. For the low-down on entry (there are only a couple of very minor ones) have a chat with us about backyards and barbecues – because you can’t talk about one without talking about the other.

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