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How to Build Fairy Gardens! Create a Magical Fairy Garden in Your Own Back Yard

What could be sweeter than having fairies meet in your own back yard Fairy Garden? With a little time and imagination you can be sure to have your neighbourhood fairies flocking. There’s no better way to enrich your little girl’s (or boy’s) imagination than with a little time on the lawn, beckoning beautiful mystical playmates. And lucky for you, designing fairy gardens is child’s play!

Designing your fairy garden

Fairy gardens come in all shapes and sizes (much like fairies) and can be anything from a few pots to elaborately designed landscapes. Whether you decide on a simple or extravagant fairy garden, there are a few things you’ll need, including:

  • Imagination
  • Flowers
  • Special fairy features such as toadstools and lights.

Decide on the best place for your fairy garden. It might be in a gigantic pot, under the back deck, in the middle of your lawn, or at the foot of the big tree you have at the back of your garden. It’s a good idea to measure your space and then draw a plan (do this in pencil in case you change your mind). Think about what you would like in your garden and add these to your plan.

Fairies love pretty flowers

Fairies like nothing better than pretty flowers. They love to sit in the shade of the petals and use the dew to wash their faces in the morning – just ask any little girl, they know it’s the truth! Fairies especially love flowers that have a delicate smell. The best flowers to use in your garden are old fashioned flowers that you might find in an English cottage garden. There is something very magical about these flowers. Whether you plant your flowers in pots, or dig a garden, be sure to include the kinds of flowers and all the colours that fairies love best.

Plant flowers such as pansies, small snapdragons, phlox or primroses. Fairies love big, tall flowers too, so you could add lavender, sweet peas, delphiniums and larkspur to your garden.
These may need staking, so add bamboo stakes to your list of things you’ll need. Remember to plant these tall flowers towards the back of your garden as you want your smaller plants to have plenty of sun to help them grow. A miniature tree or a rosemary plant would also look lovely.

When choosing your flowers, everyone knows that fairies are attracted to flowers with the same colours as their pretty fairy dresses, so don’t forget to include pinks and purples for maximum fairy attraction. You could plant an all-white flower garden, or with vibrant oranges, yellows and reds.
You could plant some moss around your flowers, or use stones or mulch as this will help your flowers grow and keep away the weeds! It will also keep the fairies’ feet clean, especially if it rains!

Special things for fairies

Although fairies love sitting under the shade of flowers, they also enjoy sitting on mushrooms and toadstools. You can buy these from garden centres, but you could also make your own, using clay or baking plasticine (FIMO). Fairies love pretty, pink furniture like you might find in a doll house as it’s the perfect size for them to rest their tiny wings.

Fairies love little houses too. If you have a big tree in your garden, you could draw or attach a small door to the bottom of its trunk. Fairies have magical powers to open these doors. They may leave your child little notes or rewards when she is a good girl.

Everyone knows that fairies LOVE sparkles. If you’re serious about your fairy garden, you could invest in a crystal garden (approximately $20 from National Geographic or department stores) and grow your fairies fresh, sparkly crystals to decorate their new garden with.

Providing your fairies with a mirror, similar to one you might use in a bird cage, will keep them coming back to your garden as fairies do tend to be very beautiful and a little bit… vain. Remember too that fairies will leave fairy dust each time they visit, so be prepared for a sparkling lawn!

Craft shops, hardware stores and toy stores have plenty of decorations for fairy gardens, including fairy statues, some tiny shoes, fairy garden tools and of course, fairy lights! Outdoor fairy lights or even just solar garden lights are the perfect way to attract fairies at night – which is when they usually visit.

And lastly, any fairy loving girls in your family should decorate their very own sign that says ‘Fairies Welcome Here’.

Building a fairy garden not only creates a fun and imaginative place for little girls to play, it’s an activity that dad can really get involved in. A trip to the local hardware store with dad, on a special “fairy garden building mission” will mean as much to your little girl as the hours of fun she has playing in her own special fairy garden. No kids backyard is complete without a little magic!

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