How to Edge a Flower Garden

A man with a shovel is digging in a flower garden

If you’re one who likes to do your own home repairs and lawn work, or if you really enjoy the look of a clean and crisp flower bed, you’ll enjoy reading these tips and steps on how to edge a flower garden into your lawn. Edging a flower garden is good, not only for a nice finish, but also to prevent grass from growing into your flowerbeds.

Step 1: Create the Flower Bed

You’ll need to have a space dug out and freshly sown and sprinkled with topsoil or mulch before you begin, if you don’t already. You can put your flower garden anywhere you like, but some good spaces to try are along the house, along the pathway or next to the fence. Most importantly, you want to find a location that gets both light and shade, depending on what you want to plant, and isn’t over any important underground utility lines.


Then you’ll have to remove the grass. You can do this by digging it out or smothering it so that the grass dies off. Don’t use herbicides because they are bad for the environment and will probably not lead to very fertile soil afterwards. Once the grass is removed, either fill the area with many layers of newspaper or some cardboard and saturate the paper with water. Add about 15 cm of compost or nutrient-rich soil. Layer it with organic mulch. If you dug the grass out, feel free to plant your flowerbed right away.


Step 2: Carve Out the Edge

With a half moon edger, cut a fresh edge on the grass side of your flowerbed. The best grass to use for the lawn that surrounds the flower garden is Zoysia because its deep root system will ensure strong edges, and the dark green colour will draw eyes to your lawn. Dig in a line so it’s even, but make sure the line curves a bit. You can, of course, have a straight-edged flowerbed, but curved looks more natural and is easier to maintain.


Step 3: Scoop Out the Turf

Once you’ve carved the turf how you want it, in clean lines, scoop out the chunks, getting rid of as much soil as possible. Then, trench your soil on the cut side and hill it upwards. This will create a place where rainwater to drain and soil to fall.


Step 4: Trim it

Either using hand held clippers or a weed whacker, trim the edges of the grass horizontally and vertically until they have that crisp effect. Then voila! It is finished. Good job! Now water your soil so it looks rich with nutrients.


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We specialise in a range of turf suitable for Brisbane lawn installations, such as Sir Walter Buffalo Grass and Zoysia Grass. These varieties thrive in Brisbane conditions and require minimal watering, fertilising, and weeding, so your family can enjoy a lush lawn with ease.

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Fighting Erosion with Zoysia Turf

Rolled up slab of new zoysia turf

Zoysia Turf Grass is the answer.
Land and soil erosion is a big problem globally,
but it is especially a problem in environments
that are hot and stormy.

Southeast Queensland, for example, suffers from
tropical wet seasons that erode the land every season.
Studies show that soil coverings can reduce erosion
by more than 95%.

If you want an effective lawn turf for fighting back against erosion,
Zoysia Turf Grass is the best there is.

What is Erosion?

Soil erosion refers to the natural wearing away of a field’s topsoil
due to natural physical forces like water or wind. In the past century,
soil erosion has become a big problem, rather than a natural process,
due to things like deforestation.

Topsoil is eroding at a faster rate and in larger quantities, which means
that everything in the topsoil, like organic matter, fertility and soil life,
is transferred elsewhere, thus beginning a process of soil degradation
and subsequent extinction of species.

How to Reduce Erosion

The main principles that we need to uphold when it comes to reducing
soil erosion are:

  1. To use our land according to its capability
  2. To protect the surface of the soil with a form of cover
  3. To control runoff before it causes damage by becoming an erosive force

Why is Zoysia Turf a Good Option?

If we want to follow all three steps, a good first start is to plant more turf,
especially in areas that are at risk of being eroded or of suffering from runoff.

If you’re going to pick any turf, Zoysia Grass is the best option because
it has an extra deep, dense root network that forms quickly after installation.
These roots will hold the topsoil firmly in place and covers it so it doesn’t get
transported with wind or water.

Zoysia is also a durable and hardy grass, despite its soft
and luxurious feel. It can weather the storm and it can stay strong against
other wear and tear, like that produced by playing children or running animals.

It is a tough grass that grows well in the cold and in the heat, so no matter
what season, you don’t have to worry about this low-maintenance grass
dying out on you and leaving your topsoil exposed.

An Eco-Friendly Turf

Zoysia, aside from its main attraction in the form of its root system,
is also very eco-friendly. It has a natural resistance to most diseases and weeds,
so you will use far less chemicals like fertilisers and sprays.

In addition, due to its slow growth, you’ll need to mow it far less than other turfs,
reducing any carbon emissions that the lawn mower would produce.


If you’d like further information about the environmental benefits of using Zoysia Grass, please contact CT Lawns and speak with one of our turn specialists.

Turf Laying Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

It’s not too hard to lay turf down yourself, but it’s important get all the steps right. We at CT Lawns outside of Brisbane know how to create beautiful green lawns. We’re here to offer you some tips and tricks so that your lawn is as beautiful and healthy as it can be.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Laying Turf

Everybody makes mistakes, but you don’t want to make them when it comes to your lawn. Your turf will be a source of pride for years to come, so it’s important to start off strong. Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid when laying down turf.

Overlapping Turf

Overlapping slabs of turf will lead to an uneven lawn, so make sure to place them strategically with a bit of space in between each piece. What you can do is try to avoid laying slabs of turf in the same way. If you stagger the pieces so that each row doesn’t have corners in the same place, you’ll do better to avoid overlapping.

Inefficient Debris Clean Up

Any rocks or trees that you didn’t clear out efficiently will create an uneven lawn, so make sure to take the time prepping the base before laying on the topsoil.

Mowing Right Away

It is a good idea to go over your lawn with a roller immediately after installation so that the grass will take root in the topsoil. However, don’t make the mistake of mowing your lawn too early. Wait two to three weeks to mow your lawn so that the grass has the opportunity to take proper root of the soil beneath it.

Forgetting to Fertilise

If you don’t properly fertilise your topsoil before you lay down your grass, you run the risk of the grass not taking root fast enough and not maintaining a healthy root system.

Buying Turf Too Early

Don’t let slabs of turf lay around. Plan to have the turf delivered on the day you plan to install it. Fresh turf has a better chance of growing successfully.

Doing it Yourself

Now, we are all for the idea of you installing your turf yourself and being proud of the lawn that you laid down. However, we all make mistakes, and not hiring a professional to help you with your lawn could be yours. If you hire someone with plenty of experience, you are guaranteed to get the beautiful, green and healthy lawn that you’ve always wanted. Professional turf suppliers will set you up with everything you need, from fertilisers to lawn rollers. 

Need more advice on laying down new turf? Check out our DIY page today!

For more tips and advice about installing your own turf, don’t hesitate to reach out. We at CT Lawns know how difficult it can be to install turf in harsh Australian climates. Contact us today to get a beautiful and healthy new lawn.

Zoysia As A Game Changer!

This is the coverage by the GCSAA-TV on the Zoysia as a Game Changer Tour as was run in San Antonio on 23rd February . This video highlights Team Zoysia and one of the new golf courses just re-turfed in Zoysia in Texas as well as the tour to Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, Texas.


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Oz Tuff for a Tough Climate

Everybody knows that Australia isn’t exactly the easiest place to grow vegetation, especially in dry, hot zones like you’ll find on the Sunshine Coast. However, we at CT Lawns have found a way around that and can help you get a beautiful lawn wherever you are.

Oz Tuff is the best type of green couch turf to install in an Australian climate because it is both hardy and versatile. It’s a favourite among Brisbane turf suppliers due to its slow growth and deep green, healthy colour. Not convinced? Keep reading below to see why Oz Tuff is the best turf for a tough climate.


High Tolerance to Salt

Oz Tuff has the highest tolerance to salt of any of the green couch turf variety, which makes it perfect for Sunshine or Gold Coast turf installations. Many turfs turn yellow or stop growing with higher salt concentrations, but Oz Tuff will not only retain colour, but it will also thrive.


Deep Roots Make It Strong

The roots of Oz Tuff are incredibly strong and deep, more so than other couch varieties. This makes it more drought resistant because the turf can pull water from the ground. Deep roots also mean that it is tougher and more resistant to pests, disease and wear and tear by children or animals.


Use Recycled Water On It

On the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, we need to always be wary of our water usage. Recycled water is always an option for watering our lawns, but that water has a high salinity content. Luckily, Oz Tuff is good at handling high salt contents and wont wither or dry out if you use recycled water on it.


Survives in Poor Quality Soil

Oz Tuff is incredibly resistant and resilient. It survives in poor quality soil where professional turf suppliers would never think to put other types of couch. This is because it has very low nutritional requirements, so you only have to fertilise it twice a year.


Slow Growth with Strong Roots

This type of turf is a slow grower, which means that you’ll only need to mow it every two to four weeks, depending on the season. You’ll spend less time and money on this hardy lawn in the long run. In addition, if you mow it too low by accident, Oz Tuff will withstand it without becoming stressed.


There are plenty of reasons why Oz Tuff is the best grass to install in a tough Australian climate. Deep, strong roots and low maintenance lawns make this an incredibly durable turf. If you want more information on installing it in your lawn on the Gold or Sunshine Coasts, don’t hesitate to give us a call at CT Lawns today.

Creating Your Perfect BBQ Paradise

Looking for excuses to get outside and enjoy your lawn this summer? Try creating a cool BBQ paradise where you, your friends and your family will want to relax and get together all season. Why spend your time inside when you can be close to nature and close to your family? Create the ultimate backyard BBQ space with these tips from CT Lawns. We are the experts in turf supply and installation, so we like to see our customers enjoying their greenery to the fullest.

Light it Up

Now any type of lighting will do, depending on the look and feel you want to inspire. If you’re feeling old school, you can buy retro lights with big bulbs and weave them through stakes in the ground that are placed three metres apart from each other. This is perfect for creating a perimeter, especially at night, when you don’t want children falling into rose bushes!

Fairy lights strung about the trees or along the house always add a touch of whimsy and mystical flair. You can also put up tiki torch lights around the lawn to give your home a tropical feel, while at the same time keeping mosquitoes away!

Create a Comfortable Space Outside

To make your guests truly feel comfortable, try upping your lawn furniture game.  Purchase couches and chairs that can handle being outside, but when it’s time for friends and family to enjoy the BBQ area, make them feel at home by adding cushions and blankets. Choose bright colours that will really pop and excite everyone as they sip on cold drinks and eat snags off the barbeque.

Dine Outside in Style

Having a proper dining room table outside is a sure fire way to make your backyard BBQ a classy soiree. And when you live on the Sunshine Coast, why not take advantage of clear summer skies by buying a table that you’re proud to eat off of instead of those metallic outdoor tables? Even doing something as simple as throwing a nice linen tablecloth over the table before you set it is a nice and elegant touch. Include a bouquet of flowers as a centrepiece for an added touch.

Another good idea would be to forgo disposable plates and cutlery and instead use either real or hard plastic plates and cutlery. You’re not only eliminating waste but also taking the extra time to make a BBQ at your home truly special.

Give the People Shade

Either put up a pergola or some umbrellas to protect your guests against the harsh rays of the sun. What’s the point of having that beautiful green lawn if everybody at the barbeque is avoiding it to seek shelter under the shadow of the house? Be strategic with where you place your veranda, pergola or umbrellas. Find ones that suit your personality and the feel you want to give off to guests.

Before you invite everyone over to your backyard barbeque paradise, make sure you have the most important part down: the lawn. Call CT Lawns outside of Brisbane today for help creating an amazing backyard on the Sunshine Coast.

Get Active with Backyard Sports

Make the most of the space in your backyard and all of that beautiful green turf by getting active every season with backyard sports. There are heaps of games that you can play with your family and friends to keep the kids and yourselves entertained. Don’t waste the sunny days by sitting inside. Get moving outside and bring your family together!

At CT Lawns, our job is to help you get a beautiful lawn. Our turfs are solid and durable, perfect for playtime. Here are a few ideas for backyard sports you can engage in with your family that don’t require you to install a court.

Badminton and Volleyball

Badminton, formerly known as Poonah, is a game that developed from other shuttlecock games in the mid 19th century among the British out of two earlier games called battledore and shuttlecock. Badminton is a super easy recreational sport that’s easy to set up in your backyard and play barefoot! Just string up a high net, buy the racquets and shuttlecocks, or “birdies”, and start tossing the thing over the net. The kids will love it.

The best part about having a net strung up in your backyard is that you can also play volleyball with it. Make fun teams with everyone on the block and have a blast.

Create an Obstacle Course

Set up a fun obstacle course and watch your kids jump for joy at the site of a physical and mental challenge. You can place strategically around your lawn things like a ladder laid down flat, a balloon table to crawl through, a rope to swing from off a tree, a balance beam, a newspaper walk, and hoola hoops to jump through.

Get a Trampoline

There isn’t a soul in the world who doesn’t take pleasure at of the sheer whimsy and joy of jumping up and down on a trampoline. You can buy small ones or large ones with netting, but either route you bounce on, you’ll be having a great time.

Paddle Ball or Beach Tennis

You’ll be able to find “kadima” sets at the store or other fun paddle ball sets. The aim of the game is to hit a small rubber squash ball with a wooden racket to the opposite player and back as many times as you can without dropping it. Count how many hits you get and see if you can go even higher the next time!


Got two trees or posts in the ground? Try installing a slackline or a tight rope to walk across. It will be funny at first to watch everyone try to remain balanced, but it’s a great challenge for yourself and the children to try hard at something that they may not succeed at the first time.


While we all love backyard cricket, sometimes it’s good to break the norm and try out some new backyard sports with your family. For a lawn worth playing on, contact CT Lawns today on the Sunshine Coast.

Healthy Lawn, Healthy Life

Having a healthy lawn can lead to a healthy life. It makes perfect sense when you start to think about it. Who doesn’t love being outside and around nature? Walking your bare feet over blades of healthy, smooth grass is incredibly satisfying, and being around green spaces just generally makes us feel better overall. But why?

Greenery Can Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health

Ever notice how a quick walk in nature can help you recharge, take a break and gain control again of your nerves? Having a green lawn nearby can give you something to focus on and centre yourself with so that you can calmly locate and address the source of your stress, reducing your cortisol levels overall.

Studies show that more green space in neighbourhoods is directly linked with reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression among its residents. In addition, increased public green spaces correlate directly to lower crime rates and a greater overall feeling of safety among residents.


Your Lawn Can Improve Immunity

Spending time in nature can increase NK, or Natural Killer, cell number and activity and increase regulation of anti-cancer proteins for up to a week. This is why the Japanese incorporate spending deliberate time in nature in a therapy called “forest bathing.”

Get Lower Blood Pressure, Improved Longevity and Reduced Morality

Low levels of green space nearby is associated with higher blood pressure, even in children. In addition, having a lawn reduces carbon dioxide around you and increases oxygen, leading to overall healthier air that you breathe. This, coupled with the compression of morbidity that follows nature, will in turn lead to higher morality rates and longevity rates. 

Having a Lawn Will Make You Want to Be Physical

Not only is it incredibly satisfying taking care of your lawn with your own two hands, but being near nature will make you want to be more physically active in general. Any workouts and walks seem more tolerable, even enjoyable, if you’re around nature. In fact, a study shows that working out outside leads to revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement while suppressing anger, confusion, tension and depression.

Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Living near nature or going forest bathing can be related to lower blood sugar and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Get a Better Night’s Rest

Even city residents who lived near parks and nature reported healthier sleeping habits in a recent study. There’s something about the presence of healthy vegetation that makes you less likely to stay up too late and sleep in too late.

Increased Productivity

Having a green lawn will engage your involuntary attention, a soft kind of focus that allows you to take sensory data without devoting much brain power. This in turn will help restore your voluntary attention for when you need to focus hard on difficult tasks. Just take a quick look at your lawn and you’ll be more able to concentrate without getting distracted. 

If you are considering improving your lawn to improve your health, give CT Lawns a call today. We’re located north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast and are happy to help you brighten your life.

4 Ways Your Lawn Helps the Environment

Focus on front lawn with house in background

It’s not always easy to engage with the environment in our everyday lives. One good way to get back to nature without even leaving your property is to take care of your lawn. By putting time and effort into the health and well being of your lawn, you will instantly feel satisfaction and gratification in a hard day’s work and in the knowledge that you are doing something good for the environment.

We at CT Lawns, located just north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, always have the environment in mind as we sell and install new turf. Read below to find out how your lawn helps the environment.


Lawns Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This is especially true when you plant grass that requires low-level care. Some of the best low maintenance turfs are Sir Walter turf or Zoysia as they both grow slowly and neatly, so you won’t need to mow your lawn as often. If you’re not using much fertiliser or herbicides in your lawn care, then you’ll be contributing even less carbon into the environment.


The turf itself, however, helps capture carbon and other pollutants like dust and smoke particles that degrade air quality. Turf is like any other plant, in that it goes through the process of photosynthesis, absorbing carbon and converting it into oxygen. So your turf will absorb gaseous pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities. Your lawn can sequester any carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore prevent any accumulation, which is one of the leading causes of global warming.


Even if you manage your lawn in the average range, your turfgrass will capture significantly more amounts of carbon than what any typical lawn mower can produce. This will all, in turn, help trees produce oxygen more efficiently.


Your Lawn Can Cool Down the Air Around You

Here in the Sunshine Coast, we know how important it is to find ways to keep cool in the summer. Your lawn can work to trap the heat of the sun, which reduces the heat during the day and balances it out at night.


An average front lawn has the cooling effect of 8.75 tonnes of air conditioning, except rather than releasing burnt fossil fuels into the air, it absorbs them. Grass also can cool down trees, similar to the effect of an open water pool or lake but far less wasteful in water evaporation. This would be good because if you live in  a bushfire region, your lawn can help reduce the risk of fire starting or spreading.


Turf Helps Create a Balanced Ecosystem

Where there is grass, certain types of animals and insects will converge and breed, creating a more sustainable and balanced ecosystem. In addition, you’ll find your lawn a safer environment because turf keeps out the types of vegetation that might conceal snakes or rodents that could be dangerous.


Grass Prevents Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing. Due mainly to deforestation, topsoil, which carries many nutrients and organic matter, is being eroded by rain and wind more now than ever. A solid layer of turf not only protects the topsoil from being eroded, but it also helps the roots of the grass bind to the soil, thus stabilising the soil and land overall.


To find out more reasons why having a lawn is good for the environment, or to install some turf yourself, give us at CT Lawns a call today.