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Choose Zoysia for Your Landscaped Garden

As the flowers start to bloom and the sun starts to shine, your mind will inevitably turn to your garden. A tired looking lawn full of weeds can change your entire garden’s look and leave you longing for healthier, greener lawn. Luckily, spring is the perfect time to refresh your lawn and have it looking the way you want.

When choosing turf for your new lawn, you want to ensure that you invest in quality, clean, green turf. Zoysia is one of the best choices for Brisbane’s climate.

Here’s everything you need to know about Zoysia for your landscaped garden.

What is Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia is a lawn that is adapted to tropical, sub-tropical and warm climates, making it perfect for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other areas of Queensland. Zoysia’s leaf is soft to the touch and it is a finer blade of grass. However, unlike other fine grass types, Zoysia still manages to retain its water well, making it just as hardy as many broad-leaf varieties.

What Are the Benefits of Zoysia for Your Garden?

Zoysia lawn is perfect for your home for a number of reasons:

  1. Zoysia is a low-maintenance turf: Once established, it requires little to no watering, making it easy to look after and eco-friendly. It grows slowly and evenly in humid, warm environments so you’ll only need to mow once a month or less.
  2. Zoysia is hardy and naturally repels weeds and pests: There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on your turf only to find it yellowing and wilting soon after. You won’t have that problem with Zoysia grass. Zoysia grass is hardy enough to overcome weeds. It also handles moderate shade and some cooler weather really well.

What Lawn Maintenance is Required for Zoysia Turf?

Very little lawn maintenance is required for Zoysia turf. It requires less mowing than many other varieties of grass and it really only needs watering during very dry spells, otherwise it’s best not to water it at all. Every 2-3 years you may consider dethatching your Zoysia turf and clearing clippings away afterwards. Regular fertilisation of established lawns at the beginning of autumn and winter may keep them looking lusher and green all year round.

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