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Creating Your Perfect BBQ Paradise

Looking for excuses to get outside and enjoy your lawn this summer? Try creating a cool BBQ paradise where you, your friends and your family will want to relax and get together all season. Why spend your time inside when you can be close to nature and close to your family? Create the ultimate backyard BBQ space with these tips from CT Lawns. We are the experts in turf supply and installation, so we like to see our customers enjoying their greenery to the fullest.

Light it Up

Now any type of lighting will do, depending on the look and feel you want to inspire. If you’re feeling old school, you can buy retro lights with big bulbs and weave them through stakes in the ground that are placed three metres apart from each other. This is perfect for creating a perimeter, especially at night, when you don’t want children falling into rose bushes!

Fairy lights strung about the trees or along the house always add a touch of whimsy and mystical flair. You can also put up tiki torch lights around the lawn to give your home a tropical feel, while at the same time keeping mosquitoes away!

Create a Comfortable Space Outside

To make your guests truly feel comfortable, try upping your lawn furniture game.  Purchase couches and chairs that can handle being outside, but when it’s time for friends and family to enjoy the BBQ area, make them feel at home by adding cushions and blankets. Choose bright colours that will really pop and excite everyone as they sip on cold drinks and eat snags off the barbeque.

Dine Outside in Style

Having a proper dining room table outside is a sure fire way to make your backyard BBQ a classy soiree. And when you live on the Sunshine Coast, why not take advantage of clear summer skies by buying a table that you’re proud to eat off of instead of those metallic outdoor tables? Even doing something as simple as throwing a nice linen tablecloth over the table before you set it is a nice and elegant touch. Include a bouquet of flowers as a centrepiece for an added touch.

Another good idea would be to forgo disposable plates and cutlery and instead use either real or hard plastic plates and cutlery. You’re not only eliminating waste but also taking the extra time to make a BBQ at your home truly special.

Give the People Shade

Either put up a pergola or some umbrellas to protect your guests against the harsh rays of the sun. What’s the point of having that beautiful green lawn if everybody at the barbeque is avoiding it to seek shelter under the shadow of the house? Be strategic with where you place your veranda, pergola or umbrellas. Find ones that suit your personality and the feel you want to give off to guests.

Before you invite everyone over to your backyard barbeque paradise, make sure you have the most important part down: the lawn. Call CT Lawns outside of Brisbane today for help creating an amazing backyard on the Sunshine Coast.

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