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Drainage – How’s Your Flow???

Drainage – How’s Your Flow???

Ever wondered why the big sport stadiums have playable surfaces, year round? Drainage, the often overlooked step in many turf preparations when the flow of water in your backyard is critical to a usable area in all conditions.

Best Fit

Unfortunately there is never a best fit or one solution for everything. Landscape yards and hardware stores are full with ag-pipe, pit drains, surface drains and all sorts of new ideas and methods but your individual situation will need its own assessment.

Open yards or acreages are probably the easiest to deal with as run off can be gently steered away from the house without the use of drains – at all in some cases. This is the preferred option in any case as creating drains in the ground always determines that you create a fall point. We have always had the opinion that creating unnecessary low spots should be avoided at all costs if a gentle, natural slop can be achieved.

If drains are to be used, these should always be placed with advice from a licensed plumber or landscaper. There are many types and varieties and they all serve different purposes. Surface or grate drains at the edges of concrete slabs around pergola’s etc are always popular and serve to catch water from the lawn as well as the hard surface itself. If a drain is needed further away or not against a hard edge then a pit drain might be the ideal choice. These are good for circumstances when you want water to flow away from the house to a corner of the yard or in narrow sections beside the house where you have stones laid down on top of plastic.

Do It Right.

There are many methods, the key is to get the job done so the water not only flows to the drain, but drains as well. This painstaking, and sometimes costly, exercise is often overlooked. If you have bought a second hand house, chances are you will notice some low lying areas in the next downpour. Identify these areas and solve the problem for your lawns sake. Boggy sink holes are a sure fire way to rot the roots of your turf out and lower the ph level of the soil to a less than satisfactory level.

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