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Erosion Control: How the Right Turf Can Help

Some people wonder why they should bother investing in quality turf when they will be faced with soil erosion and a suffering lawn. Soil erosion does naturally occur in all land but there are ways to prevent erosion control. By choosing the right turf for your Brisbane or Gold Coast environment, you can take better care of your soil.

What is Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion is the process of an area’s topsoil wearing away. Because topsoil is made up of lots of organic matter, water and insects, it’s important to ensure that it is replaced for the health of the overall soil and what’s being planted in it.

Erosion is not only detrimental to your garden but also the environment. This is because runoff causes microbes, minerals and chemicals to build up in our lakes and oceans.

How Does Soil Erosion Occur?

Soil erosion happens in two ways; through wind and water.

Soil particles can be broken up after watering or rain, causing runoffs into rivers, oceans and lakes. Top soil can easily be blown away, stripping the area of essential nutrients. This is especially prevalent when the soil is dry or not covered with turf or trees.

How Can Turf Help Soil Erosion?

Choosing turf that is right for your lawn is actually the most effective way to avoid soil erosion. Thick, healthy grass binds together to protect topsoil more than other plants. Grass has such an extensive root system that it is able to absorb most of the rainfall and protect the top soil in the event of heavy winds.

If you’ve just built a new home, it’s advisable to get some good turf in your yard quickly, before soil erosion takes away the top soil.

Which Turf is Best for Avoiding Erosion?

To avoid erosion, choose a turf that will grow well in your region and require little maintenance. The thicker the grass, the more likely you can avoid erosion, keeping both your turf and the environment healthy. At CT Lawns, we have a range of premium turfs to suit Brisbane, Gold Coast and other areas of Queensland.

If you’re looking for turf that is healthy and great for avoiding soil erosion, you can’t go past CT Lawns for all your landscaping needs. CT Lawns are leading suppliers of lawn and turf grass in Brisbane and coastal areas of Queensland. Contact us today to find out more.


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