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Fertilising in Winter

With the wet weather rolling in, winter can be a great time for your turf but the frost that comes with it can also put your garden at risk.

Winter is also a great time to give your grass the nutrition it needs to survive, making it beautifully hardy in the hotter seasons. Here’s everything you need to know about fertilising in winter.

Why Should You Fertilise Your Turf In Winter?

Fertilising your turf in winter can have great benefits to your lawn, both during the colder months and when it begins to warm up later in the year. The benefits of fertilising your lawn in winter include:

  • Lawns will soak up the nutrients from a premium fertiliser, keeping the leaf green and ensuring the lawn is resistant to the effects of frost and cold weather
  • In winter, grass tends to go dormant, causing it to brown while some varieties may even take on a purple colour – use fertiliser to combat this!
  • Your turf has probably taken a hit during the summer months and even if it was maintained well, it probably used a fair amount of nutrients to do so, meaning it needs the replenishment before winter hits

When Should You Fertilise in Winter?

Ideally, you should fertilise your lawn in late autumn, just before winter begins. This allows your lawn to take in all the nutrients it needs before winter arrives. This will give your turf the opportunity to build strength and maintain it throughout the entirety of the colder months.

What Type of Fertiliser Should You Use?

Generally speaking, you should use a premium fertiliser every 6-8 weeks or at least at the start of each new season. However, it’s slightly different for winter. To help retain the colour of your lawn during winter, it’s best to use a combination of organic and slow release fertilisers.

Lawntastic will treat up to 400m² of lawn, and while it was developed for use on Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo lawns it will work equally well on other lawn varieties, such as Couch, Buffalo, Kikuyu, Zoysia, Tall Fescue, Bluegrass and Ryegrass, delivering all the nutrients the turf needs to recover and grow.

Where Can You Find the Best Winter Fertiliser?

If you’re looking for winter turf supplies, you can’t go past CT Lawns for all your landscaping needs. CT Lawns are leading suppliers of lawn and turf grass in Brisbane and coastal areas of Queensland. We can offer expert advice and products for all your fertiliser needs. Contact us today to find out more.

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