Fighting Erosion with Zoysia Turf

Rolled up slab of new zoysia turf

Zoysia Turf Grass is the answer.
Land and soil erosion is a big problem globally,
but it is especially a problem in environments
that are hot and stormy.

Southeast Queensland, for example, suffers from
tropical wet seasons that erode the land every season.
Studies show that soil coverings can reduce erosion
by more than 95%.

If you want an effective lawn turf for fighting back against erosion,
Zoysia Turf Grass is the best there is.

What is Erosion?

Soil erosion refers to the natural wearing away of a field’s topsoil
due to natural physical forces like water or wind. In the past century,
soil erosion has become a big problem, rather than a natural process,
due to things like deforestation.

Topsoil is eroding at a faster rate and in larger quantities, which means
that everything in the topsoil, like organic matter, fertility and soil life,
is transferred elsewhere, thus beginning a process of soil degradation
and subsequent extinction of species.

How to Reduce Erosion

The main principles that we need to uphold when it comes to reducing
soil erosion are:

  1. To use our land according to its capability
  2. To protect the surface of the soil with a form of cover
  3. To control runoff before it causes damage by becoming an erosive force

Why is Zoysia Turf a Good Option?

If we want to follow all three steps, a good first start is to plant more turf,
especially in areas that are at risk of being eroded or of suffering from runoff.

If you’re going to pick any turf, Zoysia Grass is the best option because
it has an extra deep, dense root network that forms quickly after installation.
These roots will hold the topsoil firmly in place and covers it so it doesn’t get
transported with wind or water.

Zoysia is also a durable and hardy grass, despite its soft
and luxurious feel. It can weather the storm and it can stay strong against
other wear and tear, like that produced by playing children or running animals.

It is a tough grass that grows well in the cold and in the heat, so no matter
what season, you don’t have to worry about this low-maintenance grass
dying out on you and leaving your topsoil exposed.

An Eco-Friendly Turf

Zoysia, aside from its main attraction in the form of its root system,
is also very eco-friendly. It has a natural resistance to most diseases and weeds,
so you will use far less chemicals like fertilisers and sprays.

In addition, due to its slow growth, you’ll need to mow it far less than other turfs,
reducing any carbon emissions that the lawn mower would produce.


If you’d like further information about the environmental benefits of using Zoysia Grass, please contact CT Lawns and speak with one of our turn specialists.

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