Hairstyles for Lawns

Ask any Pro Hairdresser or Barber what is the key piece of equipment for their job and the answer is usually a good pair of scissors. Sharp and comfortable are the criteria for the human hair pruners major tool of trade. Similarly if you were to ask a Pro Greenkeeper the same question they will usually talk mowers the scissors equivalent for their trade and sharp blades are the key to a good lawn haircut.

By now your lawn will have recovered from the scalping we suggested in our earlier tips to get your lawn in shape for Christmas. The lawn will have grown through the topdressing and a nice flat green oasis without thatch, rises and low spots now graces the front and backyards of your castle.

It is now that your regular mowing will make your lawn stand out in your street as a low mowing regime for summer will not result in ugly scalped patches as it did prior to the thatch removal. The lawn will also be denser and resist weed invasion better than before.

The golden rule for mowing is never remove more than one third of the total leaf length with any single mow. To get the lawn down to its ideal height reduce the height gradually over three or four mows over a period of a few weeks. This reduces further shock and trains the growing points of the lawn grass to tolerate closer cutting.

Each grass type has a different ideal mowing height and you should keep the mower set to somewhere within this range.

Couchgrass prefers the “Kojac cut” with close mowing around 10-20mm in height being ideal for this grass type. If you have a cylinder mower and can mow the couch lawn more often, it is possible to cut couch at a putting green height of around 6mm. You will need to lower the height gradually over a long period to get it down this low. For a standard couch lawn stick with 12-20mm.

Kikuyu is happy at heights of 20-30mm. If you are watering your Kikuyu lawn over summer it will need mowing at least once a week.

Sir Walter Buffalo, prefers a Megan Gale hair length and likes its haircut to be anywhere from 25mm to 40mm. Keep it on the longer side in shady spots as this increases leaf surface area which aids in the plant utilising the small amount of available light for photosynthesis.

Keep your lawn Mullet free. Different heights around the edges from scalping with the wiper snipper is a poor look. A consistent height throughout including the edges makes for a pristine looking lawn. Besides the Mullet went out in the early 80’s.

Now head to the local mower shop and pick up some new mower blades. Your lawn will Love you for it.

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