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Hard Wearing Lawns and Backyard Transformations

Hard wearing lawns are good looking lawns. Despite the treatment dished out to them over the course of a year, hardy lawns retain a spring in their step, keep their colour and maintain their youthful looks. Without a certain toughness, lawns soon become worn, patchy and faded – so hard wearing lawns should be top of your shopping list when choosing your new lawn. Whether you want drought proof lawns, lawns that can handle the load of heavy traffic, or a fabulous backyard transformation, here are some hard wearing options for every season.

Hard wearing lawns for warm seasons

Generally speaking, warm season lawns are more drought resistant than their cool season cousins because they lose less water, plus they have a deeper root system which allows them to draw moisture from a lower level. While drought-resistance is important in warm season lawns, the ability to handle wear and tear is a major factor too.

Sir Walter Turf is a tough and tolerant Buffalo lawn, ideal for all seasons but extra good in the warmer months. When it comes to hot weather, Sir Walter is hard to beat as a drought tolerant lawn that can easily handle full sun. Soft to touch but tough enough to self-repair, Sir Walter is a prime example of a hard wearing lawn.

Another grass that is drought-resistant, and able to handle some heavy traffic, is couch grass. Couch is a fast-growing variety, so it bounces back quickly after being damaged, with some little care and attention of course. Another positive of buying couch grass is it is cheaper than most grass types, but because it does grow so well it needs to be managed carefully, otherwise it might spread into areas you didn’t intend for it to go. This it what make couch grass a perfect sporting field grass as sport stadiums have the time, money and resources to look after it.

For your backyard transformation Sir Walter is a great example of a tough instant lawn that will survive Brisbane’s climate.

Hard wearing lawns for cool seasons

If you’re looking for a lawn that is able to withstand cold weather, including the occasional frost, as well as stand up to all sorts of heavy traffic, then Sir Walter is the way to go. Lawns in winter have to put up with inclement weather as well as heavy traffic, but Sir Walter is up to it – it’s a lawn that is definitely in the hard wearing category.

The best hard wearing lawn for year round use?

Of course, you want a hard wearing lawn that looks good all year round. Which one fits the bill? Buffalo stacks up well when looking for an all-weather lawn with a bit of toughness about it but a turf professional should have the last word on the subject. They’ll look at your location, and how much punishment your lawn will have to endure. With that information in mind, they’ll steer you in the right direction to ensure you end up with a hard wearing lawn that also looks good, regardless of the season. For the ideal backyard transformation that looks amazing all year round, it has to be Buffalo!

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