The Health Benefits Of Your Lawn

Healthy lawn, healthy you. Don’t laugh! A great lawn really can be good for you. Struggling to make the connection between a lawn and your good health? It might not be the most obvious connection, but it definitely exists, and it can benefit your overall well-being.

More green, less stress

Where do you feel more comfortable? In a traffic jam? Or on the beach? Walking through the concrete jungle of the city? Or walking along a forest path? There’s something about being close to nature that relaxes us. It might have something to do with a lack of the distractions you would encounter on a busy streetscape, or a lack of the stress that you feel when stuck in traffic. Whatever it is, your brain is wired to feel more at peace in a natural setting than a man-made one. Your lawn has a similar effect. It’s your own little patch of nature, right in your backyard. A place where your natural instinct is to chill out. That’s good for your mental well being, and your blood pressure.

Your lawn – fit for family fun

A concrete yard is not an ideal venue for great kids backyard sporting battles. Young knees and elbows are skinned, and let’s not even think what damage can be done to those little heads when play becomes rough. On the other hand, a lawn offers a softer, more forgiving surface, and cushions many a blow. If you’re at the stage of deciding between concrete and grass for your home, you have a choice. Hard surface or lawn. In other words, a family sitting in front of the TV and computer, or a family out in the sun enjoying some fun – and exercise – on the lawn.

Working outside is working out

Having a lawn means lawn care. And that in itself is good for you. Mowing the lawn is a workout – a cardio session and calorie burner. While lifting a full catcher as you go to empty it is great for the arms! Even something as easy as raking the leaves off the lawn means time in the fresh air, always good for body and soul. Any amount of exercise is better than none at all, therefore every minute spent looking after your lawn is of benefit.

A job well done

The satisfaction you derive from having a great looking lawn is also good for you. Self esteem is a powerful tonic, and seeing the beautiful lawn which results from your hard work is a boost to the ego. And we all need a boost to the ego now and again. It’s healthy! Now that the connection has been made between your healthy lawn and your health, you’ll never look upon your not-so-humble patch in quite the same way again.

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