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Healthy Lawn, Healthy Life

Having a healthy lawn can lead to a healthy life. It makes perfect sense when you start to think about it. Who doesn’t love being outside and around nature? Walking your bare feet over blades of healthy, smooth grass is incredibly satisfying, and being around green spaces just generally makes us feel better overall. But why?

Greenery Can Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health

Ever notice how a quick walk in nature can help you recharge, take a break and gain control again of your nerves? Having a green lawn nearby can give you something to focus on and centre yourself with so that you can calmly locate and address the source of your stress, reducing your cortisol levels overall.

Studies show that more green space in neighbourhoods is directly linked with reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression among its residents. In addition, increased public green spaces correlate directly to lower crime rates and a greater overall feeling of safety among residents.


Your Lawn Can Improve Immunity

Spending time in nature can increase NK, or Natural Killer, cell number and activity and increase regulation of anti-cancer proteins for up to a week. This is why the Japanese incorporate spending deliberate time in nature in a therapy called “forest bathing.”

Get Lower Blood Pressure, Improved Longevity and Reduced Morality

Low levels of green space nearby is associated with higher blood pressure, even in children. In addition, having a lawn reduces carbon dioxide around you and increases oxygen, leading to overall healthier air that you breathe. This, coupled with the compression of morbidity that follows nature, will in turn lead to higher morality rates and longevity rates. 

Having a Lawn Will Make You Want to Be Physical

Not only is it incredibly satisfying taking care of your lawn with your own two hands, but being near nature will make you want to be more physically active in general. Any workouts and walks seem more tolerable, even enjoyable, if you’re around nature. In fact, a study shows that working out outside leads to revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement while suppressing anger, confusion, tension and depression.

Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Living near nature or going forest bathing can be related to lower blood sugar and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Get a Better Night’s Rest

Even city residents who lived near parks and nature reported healthier sleeping habits in a recent study. There’s something about the presence of healthy vegetation that makes you less likely to stay up too late and sleep in too late.

Increased Productivity

Having a green lawn will engage your involuntary attention, a soft kind of focus that allows you to take sensory data without devoting much brain power. This in turn will help restore your voluntary attention for when you need to focus hard on difficult tasks. Just take a quick look at your lawn and you’ll be more able to concentrate without getting distracted. 

If you are considering improving your lawn to improve your health, give CT Lawns a call today. We’re located north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast and are happy to help you brighten your life.

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