How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Here comes the cold snap! So how do you prepare your lawn for winter? There is no reason why you can’t have the perfect lawn just because the cooler months are coming. Realistically, in South East Queensland, we have a great environment and our winters are not too cool, all you need to do is prepare your lawn a little for the winter months ahead.

Winter lawn health depends on summer care and preparation

For a healthy lawn, ideally your lawn should be well looked after through the summer months and in peak condition coming into winter. During winter you should still fertilize every 6 weeks with a fertilizer that is slower release and higher in nitrogen. Palletized chicken manure is one of my favorites for that long lasting effect.

Winter care and sick soil warning signs

Lawn care in Brisbane is mostly about watering and mowing right. Keep a bit more leaf on shady areas when mowing and watch the amount of water you put on, if the area’s are in the shade, keep an eye on the moisture level. If it stays too wet, the soil will go sour and you will see moss starting to grow on the soil surface. This is normally a fair indication that the ph level is less than satisfactory and you will need to apply some dolomite or lime.

Sir Walter Turf does great products for both fertilisation and soil health.

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