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How Often Should You Really Water Your Lawn?

Of course you want to keep your lawn beautiful, but Australia is a country plagued by droughts, and water restrictions are a part of everyday life. So it’s important to know when and why you really need to water your grass.

Less Is More
First things first, you’re probably watering too much. Watering a lot to prevent your lawn drying out seem obvious but it’s actually backwards. Watering your lawn everyday is like spoiling your child with gifts everyday – it can stunt development! Grass that is watered too often will develop a shallow root system, making it vulnerable if you forget to water it for a day or two or a heatwave hits.

Overwatering can also leave your lawn unpleasant and damp, and afflict your grass with oxygen deprivation, disease, and weeds.

Seasonal Variation
Hotter climates need more watering, and cooler ones less, but you should also vary watering by season. In winter you should water minimally if at all; in Spring and Autumn more regularly – but not too often; and more frequently in Summer – but even in Summer keep it to once or twice a week.

Be the Lawn Whisperer
Your lawn will tell you when it needs to be watered. Keep an eye out for grass wilting or discolouring slightly, then water. Your lawn should dry out a little between waterings – this allows air to get to the roots and causes them to grow further down in search of water.

Break the News Gently
If you do need to wean your yard off an excessive water habit, do it gently. Otherwise your lawn may ‘panic’, stop growing normally, and start sprouting unsightly seedheads!

Deeper Water
When you do come to water your lawn, make sure you water it deeply – use enough water so that it sinks down to where it’s needed and doesn’t just sit near the surface and evaporate. The exact amount of water a lawn needs will vary, but you can get a good general idea by putting an ice cream container in your yard before you start watering. When it is 10-15 mm full, you have probably watered enough.

Be an Early Bird
Watering at the right time of day is important to reducing water wastage and maximising benefits for your lawn. You want to avoid the full heat of the day, as water will evaporate faster leading to waste and depriving your lawn. The cool of the night is also bad – you avoid evaporation, but at night your grass’s vascular system, which pumps nutrients and water from the ground, functions much slower than during the day.

The best time to water is very early in the morning, ideally just before dawn. Your grass has ‘woken up’ by then and will get the full benefit of the watering – but it’s still cool enough to minimise wastage through evaporation.


If you follow these simple guidelines you’ll keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, and also save water – double win. Have questions about lawn maintenance or want to discuss laying or maintaining turf in North Brisbane? Call us on 1300 547 946 or enquire online.

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