Stop Soil Erosion With Zoysia Turf

How Zoysia Can Help Stop Soil Erosion

Putting down quality turf is a great way to control dust (and its ugly cousin, mud) in your yard, but turf can also help with something even more important – soil erosion.

Zoysia turf is a great solution for preventing soil erosion on residential land. Zoysia is very well-suited to properties where hills and other difficult terrain limit lawn maintenance, conditions that also present higher risks for soil erosion. Read on to find out if a Zoysia lawn is right for you.

Soil Erosion and How to Fix It

Soil erosion occurs when wind or water wear away the topsoil of land. In a dry and often bare country like Australia this is a significant problem. Soil erosion leads to the loss of fertile soil for agriculture and gardening and speeds up desertification. Just an inch of productive topsoil takes thousands of years to develop.

The importance of covering the soil up with turf or other protective layers was shown in an experiment conducted near Ipswich in QLD. Researchers measured the soil lost following a storm – in areas without cover, 22 tonnes of topsoil was lost per hectare; in areas with 69% and 89% cover, the amount was 0.3 tonnes and 0.03 tonnes respectively.

How Turf Helps

The reason for this massive difference is that soil cover reduces the impact of falling raindrops and wind, and also slows water as it flows downhill. Lawn turf is an ideal way to create cover for soil. The blades of grass above ground shield the soil from wind and rain, while the dense interlocking roots of the lawn stabilise the soil underground.

Why Zoysia Turf?

There are two major reasons why you should go for a Zoysia lawn installation if you want to control erosion.

Zoysia Dies Hard

Zoysia turf is some of the toughest around and requires very little lawn maintenance to thrive. It also grows quite slowly. This means if you have difficulty in mowing hills, where fast running water can cause extensive erosion, Zoysia is perfect – you’ll hardly ever have to mow it, and you’ll barely have to water it. In fact, the best approach to watering Zoysia is to assume you don’t need to unless it’s wilting or turning yellow.

Back to the Roots

The reason Zoysia needs such infrequent watering is because of its particularly deep and dense root system. This allows it to find water sources deeper underground than other grasses – and, as discussed above, the deeper and denser a root network the better it is at stopping erosion.

Other Benefits of Zoysia

Zoysia isn’t just an erosion prevention tool, it’s also just a great turf. It’s soft underfoot, has a striking deep green colour, and requires very little fertilizer. It is also naturally weed and pest resistant, and does quite well in both the heat and cold. Zoysia does need 4-5 hours of daily sun though, so it won’t suit very shady properties, but it does perform well in moderately shady environments.

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