The Importance of Purchasing Turf through Accredited Growers

June 8, 2017


The turf you decide to purchase will be a big investment of both time and money. You want the turf you choose to last for many, many years to come. The problem is, there’s a risk in buying turf if you don’t do your research and if you don’t go through an accredited grower. You could end up regretting your purchase if the turf ends up not being as pure as you thought it was. The result will be patchy, half dead grass that is no good to you at all. Here’s why buying through accredited growers is so important.

You Eliminate Risks of Buying Unsuitable Turf 

It’s a big risk to buy uncertified lawn. You could end up with a lawn that’s infested with pests, weed or disease. Worst of all, you won’t know this until it’s already in your backyard and undoing the job can be tiring and expensive. You also might end up with a turf that simply isn’t suitable for your climate, resulting in a disappointing, short-lived lawn. 

You’ll Get a Decent Warranty 

Accredited growers are committed to providing the best quality turf, and so they usually offer a 10-year warranty on your lawn. You can take peace of mind knowing that they are willing to offer such long warranty terms – it shows that they fully believe in the quality of their product!

AusGAP Certified for Sir Walter Turf is a Must 

Sir Walter Buffalo turf is so popular that it’s even easier to accidentally purchase a cheap imitation product. This will leave you feeling sorely disappointed with the end result of your turf application. Before purchasing a Sir Walter Lawn, ensure that it is:

  • AusGAP certified: AusGAP is an accreditation system that ensures Sir Walter Turf is of the purest genetic grass variety. From production right through to installation, being AusGAP certified means you know Sir Walter will be of the highest industry standards in the world
  • Pre-harvest tested: Under the AusGAP certification, all Sir Walter turf stock must pass a pre-harvest test. This means all grass is inspected for disease, weeds and pest damage. It must be considered 100% pure Sir Walter turf with no other foreign varieties included before it makes its way to your home. 


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