Turf Preparation, Laying and Instant Lawn Care DIY FAQ

Say “Hello Outside” with a gorgeous, healthy instant lawn from CT Lawns.  Welcome to our handy guide to preparing and caring for your CT Lawns instant lawn.  Thinking of laying your turf yourself? We believe that Brisbane families deserve a great place to grow and we know that some families are doing it on a tight budget, so we’ve prepared an easy, helpful video series to help you!  You can also check out our “Hello Outside” Brisbane turf blog for more useful tips and ways to enjoy your great outdoors. From lawn care to top dressing to how to build fairy gardens for little girls, CT Lawns is all about helping you to say “Hello Outside”!

Turf preparation, laying and care DIY videos

Scroll through our video guides below:

Turf preparation

Environmental benefits

Site preparation

Measuring area

Turf laying

Laying turf

Watering in

How to fertilise


Challenges for your instant lawn

Common problems

Pest: army worm

Extreme heat

Soil pH

Soil Compaction

Solutions to common problems


Sir Launcher

Got an infrequently asked question about turf preparation, turf laying or lawn care in Brisbane or South East Queensland?  Simply get in touch to talk about your new instant lawn today!

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