Jari Blu Native Zoysia Turf

If you are looking for an Australian native lawn turf variety then Jari Blu Zoysia is for you. It has a medium leaf which has a deep lush green colour and is slow growing so is very low maintenance.

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Jari Blu produces minimal thatch which is a big advantage

One of Jari Blu’s other big advantages is that it produces very minimal thatch. This helps to give it a beautiful finish all year round and doesn’t scalp easily.

Jari Blu Native Turf is nice and soft but also very hard wearing. This makes it perfect for your home, commercial areas, public areas, parks, golf courses and sports fields.

Jari Blu Native Turf has excellent qualities

Jari Blu is a very durable and robust grass which grows well in clay and sandy soil areas and is also excellent at out-competing weeds once established. Having a good resistance to insects and diseases Jari Blu is a family friendly choice that your kids are sure to love playing on. Whilst it can handle full sunlight Jari Blu copes with approximately 40-50% of shade each day, making it suitable for most general areas.

Jari Blu recommended  care requirements

Mowing height is approximately 25-40mm in the sun and 40-60mm in the shade
During Summer mow every 2-3 weeks
During Winter mow every 3-4 weeks
Fertiliser is generally 2-4 applications per year
Performs great in full sun, handles 40-50% shade
Low water usage, still recommended to water regularly

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