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A Kids Backyard – 50 Ways To Enjoy The Brisbane Outdoors with Children

From fairy gardens for little girls to a backyard cricket pitch for bigger boys, creating a backyard kids can enjoy gives them plenty of healthy outdoor play and unbeatable family memories.  Need some ideas for kids backyard fun? Here are 50 ways to enjoy the Brisbane outdoors with your children.

  1. Do cartwheels, rolling and handstands
  2. Set up a slip and slide
  3. Run under a sprinkler (water restrictions permitting)
  4. Have a lawn party for dollies
  5. Shuttlecock tennis
  6. Dig for worms
  7. Search for insects
  8. Create a mini construction site for toy diggers
  9. Create a toy lizard “JurassicPark”
  10.  Create a round-the-house racetrack
  11. Build your own obstacle course
  12. Hopscotch
  13. Lawn croquet
  14. Lawn bowls
  15. Picnic lunches
  16. Blow bubbles
  17. Water balloons
  18. Capture the flag
  19. Build a fort
  20. Play “archaeology”
  21. Plant “fairy attracting” flowers
  22. Bird watch
  23. Use food colouring to dye the dog
  24. Mow a maze into the lawn
  25. Tunnel ball and leap frog
  26. Bob for apples
  27. Build a fire pit
  28. Build a bird house
  29. Build a bird bath
  30. Play botanist
  31. Stage a dolly wedding
  32. Crack nuts
  33. Create an ant beach resort with a honey pool
  34. Install a rain gage
  35. Install a wind sock
  36. Hang a tire swing
  37. Hang a plastic drop sheet from a fence and paint a mural
  38. Build a car wash for toy cars
  39. Hula hooping
  40. Have a treasure hunt
  41. Treasure hunt for leaves, types of grasses and flowers
  42. Stain card with coffee and then create a treasure map
  43. Make pet rocks
  44. Place leaves under paper and rub with crayons to make leaf pictures
  45. Make potato stamps and decorate pavers or concrete
  46. Use chalk
  47. Tag games
  48. Stargaze
  49. Find cloud pictures
  50. Grow a veggie patch or get chickens

A healthy lawn makes healthy kids and happy memories! This weekend get your kids off the computer and into some of that famous Brisbane sunshine.  Making the great outdoors easier to enjoy makes for happier, healthier kids!  Make your backyard a kids backyard and say hello to the great Brisbane outdoors!

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1 thought on “A Kids Backyard – 50 Ways To Enjoy The Brisbane Outdoors with Children”

  1. A great list!! The backyard was always our stage and place to do so many fun things! So many great memories growing up making mud pies, cartwheel and handstand competitions, makeshift cubbies and more.

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