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Lawn Care For Brisbane – Top Five Tips For Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawn care in Brisbane involves more than just the occasional mow. While freshly-cut lawns do look great, it’s more cosmetic than anything else. Complete lawn care, from Brisbane to Bristol, means doing a little more than pushing the mower around your patch every few weeks. But as many of us equate lawn care with lawn mowing, it’s a great place to start this short ‘how to’ guide.

Major mowing mistakes

When mowing your lawn, try not to cut the grass too short. Of course, life is short too, and you might say there are better things to do on a sunny day than mow lawns. By mowing your grass to within an inch of its life, you might not have to mow again for a while; however, it’s best to leave some length in your lawn. Some lawns, such as Sir Walter, don’t grow as well if cut too short. Longer grass is not as prone to scorching or frost damage, and the ‘shadowing’ effect from taller blades of grass can curtail the growth of weeds, which need sunlight to thrive. Make sure your mower blades are sharp and give a clean cut – blunt blades can bruise grass and leave it looking motley and brown. And if it’s been raining, wait until the lawn is properly dry before cranking up your mower. Mowing a still-damp lawn can cause the soil to compact, and the tracks left in the lawn by lawnmower wheels look awful.

Feed a hungry lawn…

Most grass types need more than the odd rain shower, followed by a sunny day. Your lawn care regime should also include a quarterly application of fertiliser. You might think your lawn can look after itself, and that fertiliser is for vegetable and flower gardens but fertilising your lawn can do wonders for its health and appearance. Lawn fertiliser is clean, safe to handle, and easy to apply – even easier if you get a professional to do it! Many lawn feed formulas also contain wetting agents for better water penetration into the soil- this reduces the need to irrigate your lawn, a real time and water-saver. If you want lasting results use a slow release fertiliser, like palletized chicken manure. For a quick result use a fertiliser high in nitrogen. The more nitrogen in a fertiliser, the quicker the result and the shorter it will last. Good , balanced fertiliser with iron traces is best.

…And don’t drown a thirsty lawn…

Lawn maintenance in Brisbane is made trickier because of the weather. Torrential downpours during a tropical storm can flood streets – and lawns. To handle such a deluge in such a short space of time, you should invest a little time and money in lawn aeration and coring. This allows the lawn to soak up the rainwater and disperse it below the roots, instead of it having to endure grass-drowning puddles. You can also help improve drainage by not parking your car, caravan, boat or, heavens forbid, truck on your lawn. This extreme weight causes the soil to compact, and this compaction acts like a barrier to water. Apart from all this make sure your levels when preparing your new lawn are correct and water flows away from low areas. See our separate Lawn Preparation blog.

In drier times, in fact at any time, lawn irrigation is a sensitive issue. We must always conserve water, no matter how full Brisbane dams are, so water storage devices, or the use of grey water and other eco-friendly options are worth investigating. A turf supplies or landscape supplies professional will have lots of ideas on how you can irrigate without wasting water. You lawn will always respond to a deep watering less often rather than shallow, frequent waterings.

Weeds, disease and other nasties

Your lawn is a living thing, and the ultimate step in lawn care is to give it a check-up every now and again. That brown patch in your lawn might not be there because of a lack of water, or something similarly mundane. It could be disease, pests (there is currently a plague of lawn grubs in Brisbane) or weeds that have done the damage, and the longer these things go untreated, the worse that brown patch will get. A lawn professional can come in and give your lawn a thorough check. They’ll see things the untrained eye can’t and, like any good lawn doctor, they’ll prescribe something to help rid your lawn of weeds, disease, pests…or all three! The important thing is to identify the problem early.

When all else fails

When your best efforts at lawn care fail, you might need to replace the odd patch, or even the whole lawn, with new slabs of turf. Ready-to-lay turf (we recommend the industry leader, Sir Walter Turf) might be the only solution if disease or pests have damaged your current lawn to such an extent that it is incurable. If weeds have overrun your lawn, laying new turf will allow you to make a fresh start, and keep on top of weeds once and for all. Laying turf is not exactly lawn care as such – but it will allow you to embark on an effective lawn maintenance plan once it is laid. And your “instant lawn” will certainly look great. There are some great lawn recycling systems available which are a cost and environmentally effective way to a fresh new, sustainable lawn.

Lawn mowing is one thing – but when it comes to lawn care it is not the only thing. By taking a more thorough, step-by-step approach, you’re well on the way to creating the picture-perfect, and perfectly healthy Brisbane lawn.

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16 thoughts on “Lawn Care For Brisbane – Top Five Tips For Lawn Care and Maintenance”

  1. Some excellent lawn care and garden maintenance tips you’ve provided here!

    You’re right in expressing the importance of a good blade – It seems every second house I pass has lawns with bruised grass and clumps of dirt from uprooted grass.

    And pest can also be a big problem in keeping your lawn beautiful. Luckily Sydney has dodged the Brisbane lawn grub problem, but there are an abundance of other insects and plants just waiting to ruin a beautifully gardened lawn.


  2. Thanks Owen, you are right, there are certainly some disasters getting around and some poor choices in lawn selection. Let’s hope the lawn grubs don’t head your way!

  3. Matthew bedford

    Hello can you please give me a call we need someone to help fix our lawn.

    Phoebe bedford

  4. Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I think I might already be on your last step on lawn care with my backyard. Right now, there are quite a few brown patches, but I can’t figure out what the problem is. I can’t see any weeds, and I think I water the lawn correctly, but the patches are still around. Maybe I’ll just try starting fresh with some new turf. However, I’ll also probably have a professional take a look at my yard now so that I can identify the problem before replacing the lawn.

  5. This didnt answer my question.
    Can the lawn be aerated and top soil be added right now in May 2017
    Northside Brisbane
    Thank you

  6. Hi Phil, Thanks for contacting CT Lawns 🙂
    In the Winter you will need to keep a height of 30mm
    Kind regards,

  7. Hi, it seems like my lawn has a fungal. Black oily curcular patches appears and then that patch completely dies. Is there something I can do about it? I also have lots of brown mushrooms appearing frequently.

  8. Hi, would you like to give us your telephone number and we can call you to arrange a quote?
    Kind regards,

  9. I have a buffalo lawn that was laid about a month ago now.
    most of it is doing really well but other that are in the sun most of the day are really struggling.
    is there anything i can do that will boost the chance of it living?

  10. Hi Allira, are you watering enough? The first few weeks of establishing a new lawn you need to ensure that it is kept moist.

  11. HI CT Lawns can you please advise me on how to deal withan infestation of ants in my lawn which has resulted in ant mounds all over the lawn . This problem always occurs after heavy rain and in some arethe mounds are so cloe the grass has been killed.

  12. Hi Richard, sorry for late response. You can purchase some ant control product from a company called Lawn Pride. Kind regards, Craig.

  13. Hi Marius, sorry for late reply on this one. I would recommend contacting Lawn Pride. Kind regards, Craig.

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