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Lawn Grubs In Brisbane – How to Get Rid of Them!

Lawn grubs in Brisbane, and beyond, are no longer a little problem. Lawn grubs, always prevalent in South East Queensland, have reached epidemic proportions. The blighters are everywhere. But fear not. If they’ve found a home in your lawn, and are starting to outstay their welcome, there are ways to get rid of them.

Are there lawn grubs at your place?

Lawn grubs infest Brisbane lawns year round, particularly in warm, wet weather, which makes the period between November to May a real danger time. But how do you know if lawn grubs are calling your green, green grass home? The first indicator is a patchy lawn – brown or bare patches on your lawn are tell-tale signs. Closer inspection of your lawn may reveal green or brown droppings, and white moths flying over the lawn as the sun goes down could also point to the presence of lawn grubs.

A little further afield, there might be white egg sacs near your house, fences, and shrubs. These sacs are another sign that lawn grubs are about. For actual, concrete evidence, try the hessian test. Place some wet hessian on your lawn overnight and check it early next morning while it’s still cool. The hessian should draw the grubs to the surface and they’ll be easy to spot. This is a particularly effective test on new lawns. Or, you can flood a section of your lawn and watch as the grubs come to the surface.

Make your lawn less enticing to grubs

Lawn grubs are actually quite discerning. They prefer some grass types to others. Couch and Kikuyu lawns are more prone to grub infestation than Buffalo grasses, like Sir Walter Turf. If you’re investing in new turf, this is certainly something to keep in mind.

Be careful when you fertilise, particularly in January and February, lawn grubs will see this as an invitation to move in and make themselves at home. Lawns that require little in the way of fertiliser – again Sir Walter Buffalo grass comes to mind – will be much less appealing to grubs.

Getting rid of lawn grubs

If you have lawn grubs, you need to get rid of them. Lawn grubs in Brisbane are just bad news and will leave your lawn looking brown, barren and plain awful. They’ve got to go!

A low-tech way to get rid of lawn grubs involves an extension of the hessian test. Lay wet hessian upon the lawn overnight. In theory, the lawn grubs will attach themselves to the hessian, which you can then pick up and dispose of early the next morning.

If getting up early to get rid of lawn grubs is not your cup of tea, there are some excellent pest control products specially formulated to control lawn grubs.

There are more lawn grubs in Brisbane than ever. It really is an epidemic and there’s a chance your lawn is being eaten alive as you read this. So, now you’ve read about them, go and check for them. The evidence is easy to spot – and the treatment just as simple. By acting now, and following it up with regular checks and treatments, you’ll get rid of lawn grubs…and be left with nothing but beautiful lawn!

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11 thoughts on “Lawn Grubs In Brisbane – How to Get Rid of Them!”

  1. Good afternoon,

    I have a couple of questions regarding lawn grubs and fertiliser I was hoping you maybe able to answer for me.

    I live on the sunshine coast and layed some Sir Walter 3 weeks ago at the back of my house. I am a little concerned as my wife has found some lawn grubs in the front yard and I don’t want them anywhere near my new turf.

    First of all, are lawn grubs actually active in the winter, and how soon can I spray Sir Walter Pest Control on my 3 week old turf?

    Many thanks.


  2. Hi Matt,

    You can purchase a product called Grub Guard from Masters Home Improvements that will rid Lawn Grub and is suitable on all lawn types. The beauty of this product is that it only kills the eggs and the grubs that eat the lawn therefore it is non harmful to all the good organisims such as worms 🙂

  3. I was just wondering what the best way to get rid of the white egg sacs? Just spray them off with the hose or do I need to kill them with bug spray

  4. Hi Daniella – you can just knock them down however we would recommend squashing the sacks so that there is no chance of them hatching. Spray isnt necessary unless you see them in your lawn.

  5. My Grandfather told me that spraying grubs will kill off the bird life. I have a major problem with lawn grub on 5 acres, but I also love my magpie families that I feed daily. Is there a solution??

  6. Hi Greg,

    Yes your Grandfather is right. However, there is a product called Grub Guard which is developed differently so as to not affect other wildlife. You can pop in to CT Lawns and pick some up at 21 Ballantyne Ct, Glenview, QLD 4553. Tel 1300 547520.

    Kind regards,


  7. I have two containers of Lawn Beetle & Grub Killer. I cannot get either to spray when connected to the hose. Can you tell me what ratio to use if I use a hand sprayer? Eg: 50mls to 8 litres of water etc? Thank you

  8. Have sprayed my lawn with Searles Lawn Grub Killer and then slightly watered it in as per instructions from a previous brand.
    Not sure I’ve done the right thing watering in the grub killer as there is no mention on the box or bottle .
    Can someone verify please or do i start all over again.

  9. Hi Mark, sorry for late reply. Definitely follow the instructions on the bottle 🙂
    Kind regards,
    CT Lawns

  10. Hi Sue, sorry for late reply. You need to speak to the manufacturer about this one.
    Kind regards,
    CT Lawns

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