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How to Look After New Roll-On Lawns

Roll-on lawns are a great way to establish a healthy, hearty turf. You don’t need to go to all that effort of sewing seed, watering and waiting. Despite this, you need to take special care when looking after new roll-on lawns. Because the grass is sending down new root structures, it needs a helping hand to adapt to its new environment.

There are a few lawn care routines that you need to follow. Some are mandatory, while others will depend on your environment’s unique conditions. Let’s take a further look.


Watering your new roll-on turf grass is the first and most integral factor in caring for it. New grass and the area underneath it must never, ever be allowed to dry out. Your environment will inform how often you water. This may mean watering your lawn four or five times a day in the peak of summer, or watering it twice in milder weather.

You’ll need to keep watering regularly until your roll-on lawn has sent down its new root structure.

As your lawn becomes more established, you can start to reduce the frequency of watering. Do this for a few weeks until you’ve established a regular pattern.

Fertilising New Lawns

You shouldn’t need to fertilise your new roll-on turf grass for the first couple of months. This is because the grass comes from the farm already fertilised. In fact, adding extra fertiliser at this stage could do your lawn more harm than good.

But before you lay your new lawn you have to prepare your soil by applying Lawn Starter.

Apply the first lot of fertiliser as per the manufacturer’s directions. From then on you’ll want to fertilise again after two months.

A Word about Mowing

Don’t mow your lawn until it has established its root structure in the soil. You can check this by trying to pull up a few tufts of grass. If it holds tight, you’re good to mow!

Mow as high as you can for the first little while. You just want to keep it tidy and encourage as much growth as possible. Once it’s taken off, you can begin to reduce the mowing height over several mows until you have your desired length.

Wetting Agents

If your soil has poor water absorption, consider applying a wetting agent on top of your roll-on lawn once it’s installed. You also need to apply wetting agents at the same time as you apply your first lot of fertiliser.

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