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How to Maintain Healthy Green Lawns in Winter

Most lawns become almost dormant during the colder months but that doesn’t mean you should get slack about lawn care and maintenance. There are still some things that you need to do to keep your lawn looking its best. Let’s check out how to maintain a healthy green lawn during winter.

The Problem with Winter

The majority of Australian lawn owners tend to grow warm season grasses. This is great because these turf grasses boom in summer. When winter comes and the weather turns sour, these lawns stop growing and almost go into a hibernation of sorts.

Unfortunately, this rapid loss of growth can also lead to a loss of colour and an inability for your grass to repair itself.

Autumn Preparation

We’ll let you in on a little secret about a gorgeous winter lawn. You need to do most of your preparation in autumn. Once winter hits, there’s actually not a whole lot that you can do for a healthy and happy lawn. So follow the below steps during autumn to ensure your lawn is healthy in winter.

Raise the Mowing Bar

You need to increase your mowing heights during autumn. This allows for more length in your grass, which in turn allows for more photosynthesis to occur. Your grass will thank you as it makes the most of the decreased sunlight in winter.

Hold Back on the H2O

If you water too much in autumn, you run the risk of developing rotted and diseased turf. Wind back the water during autumn in order to prepare for the colder months.

Fertilise Right

Fertilise at the right time, with the right fertiliser. For best results, use a winter fertiliser in May then apply another lot a couple of months afterwards. Winter fertilisers contain a good dose of iron, which is essential for lawn health in winter.

Treat Those Weeds

Some weeds will boom and burst during the colder months. This is because your lawn is weak, and can’t fight them off as easily as it could during summer. So lend it a helping hand and get weeding.

Are Your Trees Throwing Some Shade?

If you have trees, shrubs and bushes in your Brisbane yard, check their shade levels during winter. Too much shade can stop vital photosynthesis from occurring. Get out those gardening tools and start trimming those branches. This will give your couch grass the best shot at the sunlight during winter.

If you have tall or dangerous trees, or you just want to ensure their health, consider hiring a qualified arborist.

A Springtime Reward

If you follow the above steps, you’ll get rewarded in springtime. Your lawn will be robust and healthy, and it will take full advantage of the increased sunlight. Once summer rolls around again, you’ll be grateful for all the hard work you did in autumn!

CT Lawns Brisbane can provide expert advice and lawn maintenance tips. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any enquiries. If you’re unsure about the state of your grass, we can also provide a lawn health check-up.

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