Natural Lawn and iPhone Play Vital Role

Natural Lawn and iPhone Play Vital Role

Sydney – mid February and little Emily was delivered into what can only be described as a natural world, on a perfect lawn. Lynsey Mudie and husband Sam had obviously thought this precious moment through a million times but never like this.

iPhone to the Rescue

Baby Emily’s Aunt, Nicola was quick on the scene when they realized the baby was in its way, and fast. Taking out her iPhone and using its torch app, the family was soon delivering under lights and on the lawn. After calling 000, Lindsey’s mum quickly advised that her daughter was not making it back inside and the front lawn was the only option.

Natural Lawn for a Natural Birth

I know we push the natural turf barrow and yes it has its many uses, but to blog about this fantastic event was simply irresistible. A perfect natural birth on the family’s front is amazing and having delivered on of my own sons at home after he was in too much of a hurry to get into the world, I can imagine what they were going through.

In the end a fantastic result, Dad there to grab his daughter on nature’s blanket – the lawn…


Source: Channel 7 and Image with thanks to Channel 7. Story available at

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  1. How beautiful, mother nature at her best! That baby will probably grow up to be a nature loving, very connected and balanced being! 🙂

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