Oz Tuff for a Tough Climate

Oz Tuff for a Tough Climate

Everybody knows that Australia isn’t exactly the easiest place to grow vegetation, especially in dry, hot zones like you’ll find on the Sunshine Coast. However, we at CT Lawns have found a way around that and can help you get a beautiful lawn wherever you are.

Oz Tuff is the best type of green couch turf to install in an Australian climate because it is both hardy and versatile. It’s a favourite among Brisbane turf suppliers due to its slow growth and deep green, healthy colour. Not convinced? Keep reading below to see why Oz Tuff is the best turf for a tough climate.


High Tolerance to Salt

Oz Tuff has the highest tolerance to salt of any of the green couch turf variety, which makes it perfect for Sunshine or Gold Coast turf installations. Many turfs turn yellow or stop growing with higher salt concentrations, but Oz Tuff will not only retain colour, but it will also thrive.


Deep Roots Make It Strong

The roots of Oz Tuff are incredibly strong and deep, more so than other couch varieties. This makes it more drought resistant because the turf can pull water from the ground. Deep roots also mean that it is tougher and more resistant to pests, disease and wear and tear by children or animals.


Use Recycled Water On It

On the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, we need to always be wary of our water usage. Recycled water is always an option for watering our lawns, but that water has a high salinity content. Luckily, Oz Tuff is good at handling high salt contents and wont wither or dry out if you use recycled water on it.


Survives in Poor Quality Soil

Oz Tuff is incredibly resistant and resilient. It survives in poor quality soil where professional turf suppliers would never think to put other types of couch. This is because it has very low nutritional requirements, so you only have to fertilise it twice a year.


Slow Growth with Strong Roots

This type of turf is a slow grower, which means that you’ll only need to mow it every two to four weeks, depending on the season. You’ll spend less time and money on this hardy lawn in the long run. In addition, if you mow it too low by accident, Oz Tuff will withstand it without becoming stressed.


There are plenty of reasons why Oz Tuff is the best grass to install in a tough Australian climate. Deep, strong roots and low maintenance lawns make this an incredibly durable turf. If you want more information on installing it in your lawn on the Gold or Sunshine Coasts, don’t hesitate to give us a call at CT Lawns today.

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