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Laying Some Turf? Here’s How to Prepare Your Site without the Use of Chemical Fertilisers

Your new home has finally been built and you are excited and eager to get your lawn established. You figure it shouldn’t be hard. The earth has been dug up and it’s just a matter of spraying to prepare it for turf right?

What people many fail to consider is that during the building process, most building sites are stripped of their topsoil’s which hold all the nutrients. The soil then ends up being a terrible medium to grow both grass and any other type of plant.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your soil is nutrient dense before you plant anything or lay down turf. You’ll also be able to do it without using any harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Preparing Your Site the Chemical-Free Way!

Here’s how you can prepare your site for laying turf without the use of chemical fertilisers:

  1. Break your soil up: Breaking your soil up helps to increase water infiltration. This encourages roots to take hold and grow deep, leaving you with strong, green grass.
  2. Remove any other grasses or weeds before laying your turf: Remove any weeds or other grasses manually. Top quality turf will eventually take over weeds but keeping it as weed free as possible will ensure you have a neat, clean finish.
  3. Do a pH test: Consider doing a pH test to check the levels of your soil prior to laying your turf. Adjust your soil accordingly by adding organic matter.
  4. Spread quality topsoil before laying turf or planting: Revitalise your hard-done-by ground by spreading a layer of quality topsoil before laying turf or planting anything.

Once the lawn is established, very little maintenance should be required. You will be left with chemical-free soil and a lush garden to enjoy.

Are you looking for the perfect topsoil to prepare your lawn? Maybe you just want some more garden tips or the best turf supplies for your lawn. For all your landscaping needs, talk to the team at CT Lawns. CT Lawns are leading suppliers of lawn and turf grass in Brisbane and coastal areas of Queensland. We can offer expert advice on your turf needs and can have your certified clean and green lawn installed in no time! Contact us today to find out more.

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