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Protecting Your Lawn This Winter

Winter can be a beautiful, green time for your garden. Thirsty plants and turf soak up the rain and keep things looking lush and picturesque. Winter can bring its own problems to your turf, though. Heavy rains cause flooding and erosion while a loss of sunshine hours and the morning frost can be damaging to your turf. You might also get some browning on your grass due to it getting too long or having high traffic, heavy toys or cars being parked on it.

Luckily, there are easy ways to protect your lawn this winter.

Fertilise Your Lawn at the End of Autumn in Preparation for Winter

Before the chill sets in, it’s a good idea to thoroughly fertilise your lawn. It may have been stripped of some nutrients during the warmer months so now is a good time to replace these. This way, when winter arrives, fertiliser will remain in your soil and keep your grass beautiful and strong throughout the whole of winter.

Rake Up All Those Autumn Leaves and Fallen Fruit

Soggy autumn leaves or fallen fruit from trees can cause mould and mildew to grow on your lawn. Before the season becomes wet, make sure you clean up your yard by raking up all your autumn leaves and removing any fruit which may be sitting on your turf.

Keep Your Lawn Short and Tidy

Slowly mow your lawn down to a good height before winter begins. Rain can cause excessive growth and you might find your lawn getting too tall during winter. This can create dead spots in parts of your lawn as it becomes weighed down with objects like toys or clutter. Later on in the season, keeping your grass short will also protect any new growth.

Keep Traffic on Your Lawn to a Minimum

With winter comes rain and the rain means mud. Avoid parking your car on the grass or leaving heavy objects on the grass. With the soil being soft, any heavy foot traffic or other heavy objects are bound to leave impressions on your grass and eventually kill off the grass underneath it.

Where Can You Get Your Winter Turf Supplies?

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