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Simple Tips to Help You Get Your Lawn Right

Keen to lay down some quality turf and improve your home but not sure where to start? We’ll help guide you through the process from start to finish.

Getting Started

Before you order your turf, make sure you’ve done the groundwork. The following steps can be done yourself or you can talk to an expert about preparing your yard professionally.


To make sure you get an accurate quote for your lawn, and that it will fit properly in your yard you need to get measuring. Sketch out the area you want to turf, and then break the diagram up into basic shapes like triangles, rectangles, and squares to work out how much you need.

Preparing the Soil

Clear away existing vegetation and grass from the areas to be turfed, and then check the soil. If it’s a sandy soil, organic material like compost or manure will improve it; if it’s acidic, add lime; for alkaline soils add sulphur; and for clay soils add gypsum.

Turf Underlay

A quality turf underlay will help your turf thrive. If you’re unsure of what to get, seek out experts in laying turf around North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Laying Your Turf

Make sure your turf is scheduled to arrive the same day you plan to install it – it will dry out otherwise. Apply a starter fertiliser and you’re ready to go. Just follow these guidelines:

Start with the Edges

Start laying turf from the perimeters and if you have a slope, start at the bottom. Stagger the sections of turf, like brickwork, and butt them closely together to avoid gaps.

Hold onto Off-Cuts

If you cut turf down to size hold onto the off-cuts. They may come in handy at the end to fill in odd gaps.

Water and Roll

Water your new lawn as soon as you are finished. If you have a large yard try and water it as you’re working. Then use a roller to press it down and ensure good root contact with the soil.

Caring for Your New Lawn

Keep your lawn wet at all times initially; you don’t need to soak it but moisten it 4-5 times a day. After a while, your lawn will start to become established. Try gently lifting a corner of turf – if it won’t come up the roots are getting a foothold. Once this happens start easing back on watering until you water only occasionally, or almost never for drought resistant turf.

We’re Here to Help

For help with landscape supplies, laying turf, and lawn maintenance in North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast call us on 1300 547 946 or enquire online and get your perfect lawn today!

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