The Perfect Holiday Lawn – Maintenance

With only 12 weeks to Christmas the Team at CT Lawns found it fitting we count down the 12 weeks until Christmas with a blog a week on getting your lawn in tip top condition and ready for the family come Christmas day.

Week 1 – Maintenance

  1. Start by getting the mower and trimmers out and do some basic maintenance ready for the summer season. You will need the following items over the next 12 weeks.
  2. Mower – make sure the blades are sharp, you can buy them, they are easily changeable if not take it to your local repair shop for a service. Blunt blades will make the grass look white on top as it does not give a clean cut. Be sure it’s in a safe usable condition, like all your equipment.
  3. The Edge Trimmer – there are many styles and varieties, just make sure it has plenty of line (trim cord) in it as there is nothing worse than running out half way through. PPE or personal protective equipment is a must when using these items.
  4. Fertiliser Spreader – a must have to get a good even coverage of lime and fertilizer as we work through the program. Don’t rely on throwing it out by hand as you will end up with a patchy green lawn.
  5. Spray Unit – these are easy to use and affordable from your local hardware store and will be handy for spot spraying infected areas with weeds etc.
  6. Spiked Lawn Roller – This is a must for de-compacting your lawn, these are available for hire. Similarly, a garden fork will do the same thing but takes considerably longer to achieve the result.

I am sure there is something else the team will think of but at least you can start to get these items ready. We will go through fertilizer, water and the steps week by week and I will add some pictures along the way.
If you have any particular problems and ideas please let us know and send any pics you have of problem areas to [email protected]

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