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Nice Dress! How to Top Dress Your Lawn

One of the questions we’re often asked is how to top dress a lawn and what should you use. So what is top dressing a lawn? Top dressing is about adding soil to even up your ground. It can be used to fill bare areas, repair thin turf or fix unevenness in lawns. It is actually very simple and very rewarding in terms of making the perfect lawn.

How to top dress your lawn

  • Firstly, mow the area down quite low, not scalped into the ground but with a little leaf left on it. Do this early in Spring.
  • Next, get some dressing soil, how much you will need depends on how much dressing you’ll need to do. Ask an expert at any Brisbane landscape supplies place or better still, at CT Lawns!
  • You need to use a sand base mix, not heavy soil. We normally recommend a washed sand of some description as it will not have any residual seeds etc in it that will blossom in your pride and joy! Sand based soils also drain better for healthier roots.
  • Spread this out, thinly, over your lawn area. 5 mm at a time is ideal. To achieve a perfect level, use a lawn level bar spreader and gently go over the lawn and work the sand in, being mindful of the levels you desire.
  • Important tip – Don’t bury the turf. The trick is to do it a few times lightly and the leaf must be sticking through after you apply the sand. If you bury the turf under a full cover of sand, you run the risk of killing it. Do it lightly, let it grow in for a week, then do it again as many times, bit by bit, as you need until the result is achieved.
  • Don’t forget to add some lime or dolomite in this process if the pH is incorrect. Fertilize after top dressing. As we approach autumn the season is perfect for a bit of lawn care and renovation work.

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