A patch of lawn with green grass and tiny yellow flowers

Bye Bye weeds

In lawns, as in life, prevention is better than cure. In the coming weeks we will explain how to prevent your lawn from becoming infested with weeds.
If your patch of green has now been invaded by green weed marauders its time to dust off the knapsack or watering can and fire back with the right herbicide.

If you only have a few weeds in the lawn try the Horticultural cross training exercise program by bending your back and digging them out. If the invasion is more intense you will need to purchase a chemical that targets the type of weed you have. Make sure that the chemical is suitable to apply to your lawn as some selective broadleaf herbicides can damage certain lawn types. Be particularly careful what you spray on Buffalo Lawns.

Weeds such as Clover, Bindii, and Oxalis can be eradicated using a selective Broadleaf herbicide. These are readily available and easy to apply using a spray pack, knapsack or watering can. Grass weeds are harder to eradicate and you may need to dig these out. As always, if there is a particular type of weed you are chasing or cannot identify email the pic to [email protected] or post it on our facebook page facebook page

When spraying begin by measuring the area and make up the appropriate amount of mix. Apply at the label rate. The product manufacturer has undertaken extensive trailing to come up with the rate on the label and it is the optimum rate. With chemicals a little more is not better and if over applied may cause damage or perhaps loose effectiveness.

Don’t mow the lawn for at least 2 days prior to spraying or at least 2 days after. Pick a windless day to spray to avoid spraydrift. Early mornings are usually best for this and the spray dries faster on the leaf.

Herbicides need to be left on the leaf so don’t apply them if rain is expected on the day. Do not irrigate for at least a day following application.

Persistent weeds such as Oxalis may require two applications spaced a fortnight apart.

Now that you have won the weed war the march to your lush Christmas lawn has begun.
Next weeks march will stop at the Dethatching campsite.

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