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What’s all the Fuss about Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, Anyway?

“There’s nothing better than Sir Walter Buffalo Grass” might be what you hear when you ask about the best turf to install in your yard. Given that Sir Walter is one of the most premium, soft buffalo grasses on the market, that praise is well-earned. Not only that, it’s also incredibly durable and low maintenance.

it’s important to know what sets Sir Walter Buffalo Grass apart from all the rest and whether it really lives up to its hype.

What Are the Features of a Sir Walter Lawn?

Sir Walter Lawn is a soft buffalo grass that is incredibly durable and low maintenance. It’s the number one choice for many gardens and homes in Queensland and it was specifically cultivated for harsh Australian climates. As such, Sir Walter Lawns stand out from other varieties as being superior for drought resistance.

What Are the Benefits of Sir Walter Lawn for Your Garden?

Sir Walter lawn is perfect for your Queensland lawn for a number of reasons:

  • Sir Walter lawn is low maintenance: You won’t be left standing in the Queensland heat pulling weeds out as they make their way through your lawn. Sir Walter Turf is thick enough to take over most weeds before they take hold, leaving you with pristine lawn all the time. It also doesn’t need to be watered often and needs very little fertilisation to stay healthy.
  • Sir Walter survives the highs and lows of the weather: Queensland may be known for its heat, but there are still varying degrees of that and a good lawn can withstand the highs as well as the lows. Sir Walter lawns are not stressed by temperatures that range from freezing cold snaps to 42-degree heat waves.

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