Why Is A Shade Tolerant Lawn Important?

When choosing a grass type for your new lawn it is essential to consider ‘shade’.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass in Shade 2

The reason for this is that some grasses don’t like shade. An example of this is Couch which likes to be in full sun otherwise it dies off. This can lead to brown patches which also allows weeds to take hold.

There can be many different areas of a lawn receiving different levels of shade throughout the day. Shade can be cast from buildings, plants, trees and other objects.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

If you have areas that get shade but do get 2-3 hours full sun a day then Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is the perfect solution. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is also a very beautiful grass with a deep green colour and broad leaf. It is very drought resistant which makes it perfect for our hot summers here in South East Queensland.

Zoysia Grass

If you have areas that get shade but do get 4-5 hours full sun a day then Zoysia also becomes a great option. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Zoysia has a medium width leaf and a beautiful deep green colour. It is also very drought resistant and a slow growing grass which means you only mow it a third of some other grass types.

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Empire Zoysia Grass 9 CT Lawns

Best Turf for High Foot Traffic Areas

Close up of soccer ball on grass with a boy’s foot on top of ball

There’s not much point in growing beautiful, lush green grass that nobody is allowed to step on. Backyards are supposed to be enjoyed. Parties should be laid out on the grass and dogs and children should be free to roam and kick a ball. But most of all, this should be done without having to worry about losing all of the hard work you’ve put into growing and maintaining your turf. This is why it’s important to find a turf that’s going to suit your traffic needs.

If you’re planning on making the most out of your turf then you want to make sure the turf you install is suitable for high foot traffic areas. Here are some grasses you might like to consider:

Oz Tuff Sports Grass 

Tough is exactly what this couch variety is. Because it’s so fast growing, Oz Tuff Sports Grass can quickly repair itself from damage. Its leaf may be fine but with so many runners underneath, it can be quite strong and hardy, with the ability to withstand high traffic. As long as it’s mowed and fertilised regularly and given the water it needs, Oz Tuff will see you through the busiest, most high-traffic days for your lawn. Consider Oz Tuff if you have an active outdoor life. From children and pets to entertaining and backyard sports, this tough, lush turf is ideal.


Zoysia is a dream lawn that can handle a pretty considerable amount of wear and tear. It can take a little bit of time to self-repair, but when it does, it does so extremely well. Zoysia is suitable if you have very high traffic on your lawn every now and then. Otherwise, it can cope with medium levels of traffic consistently. Hosting a one-off outdoor party or living with curious young kids? Zoysia will do the job and it has plenty of other benefits, too! 

Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is always seen as a tough variety and Sir Walter Buffalo is the most premium of them all. With its deep root system and extensive testing under Aussie conditions, it’s a great lawn that can cope with high volumes of traffic. From children to dogs and more, this born and bred Australian turf will keep up with the local lifestyle. Just make sure the Sir Walter turf you buy is 100% Pure and not a cheaper imitation of the product. 

Make high traffic lawn supplies a regular fixture in your garden. Even if you don’t have an especially busy garden, you can enjoy plenty of other benefits from this extra hardiness. For all your landscaping needs, talk to the experts at CT Lawns. We are your leading suppliers of lawn and turf grass in Brisbane and coastal areas of Queensland. We can offer expert advice and products for all your turf needs. Contact us today to find out more.

The Best Type of Lawn for Your Climate

Choosing the right lawn for your climate can be tough! You don’t want to install a beautiful turf only to find that it has died off or is looking patchy just six months later. Despite your best maintenance efforts, this could happen simply because the grass you chose didn’t suit your climate.

Installing turf is a big job and something you only want to do once. If you’re looking for the best type of lawn for your climate, here are a few options for Australia’s many seasons:

Zoysia Turf Grass

Zoysia Grass is a lawn that is perfect for tropical, sub-tropical and warm climates. It’s ideal for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other areas of Queensland. Even though Zoysia’s leaf is soft to touch and of a finer blade, it still manages to retain its water well. This makes it just as hardy, if not hardier than broad-leaf varieties.

Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn is a soft buffalo grass that has high durability and is completely low maintenance. It was cultivated for harsh Australian climates, meaning it can easily withstand Queensland’s hot spots. It’s got a high drought resistance, making it suitable for country areas as well as areas that have long periods between heavy rains.

Sir Walter Lawn that is 100% Pure has been proven to be a true to its variety.

Oz Tuff Sports Grass

Oz Tuff turf comes in a green couch variety. It grows slowly with a deep green colour and it has a high salt tolerance, making it ideal for coastal applications. It also has an extensive root system which is deeper and stronger than other couch varieties, making it perfect for hotter climates. If you live by the coast and need a lawn that can handle high salinity, Oz Tuff Grass is definitely the right choice for you.

Clean Green Turf

Clean Green Turf uses the application of biological organisms and nutrients to develop the turf. This is a type of bio-technology as it improves the quality of the turf and soil without using synthetic chemicals. Clean Green Turf is available in Zoysia, Sir Walter Buffalo, Wintergreen Couch and Oz Tuff Sports Grass lawn varieties. It’s suitable for all the climates that these turf varieties thrive in.
If you’re looking for turf to suit your climate, you can’t go past CT Lawns for all your landscaping needs. CT Lawns are leading suppliers of lawn and turf grass in Brisbane and coastal areas of Queensland. We can offer expert advice and products for all your turf needs. Contact us today to find out more.