Sir Walter Turf

If looking at preventing mud from spreading through your new home then you need a quick instant lawn. Sir Walter is the perfect lawn for reducing dust, increasing cleanliness and is child and pet friendly. Sir Walter has a thick root system that will establish fast. As Sir Walter is a thick and spongy lawn, when wet (if in a healthy condition) it won’t get muddy and wear like common couch lawns. Sir Walter is the best lawn to use for dust suppression and erosion control in a shaded situation only requiring 3 hours full sun a day.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Logo Landscape


Platinum™ Zoysia Turf

Platinum Zoysia is an ideal lawn variety for erosion control on slopped and hard to mow areas. Platinum Zoysia is a slow growing low maintenance lawn. If you have an area that is too dangerous to mow or is difficult to access then Platinum is the best choice. Platinum lawn requires at least 4-5 hours full sun otherwise we would recommend Sir Walter. Platinum would be ideal for sloped areas, batters and domestic settings.



Oz Tuff

Oz Tuff like Platinum is a slower growing variety. Whilst it isn’t as slow growing as the Platinum , unlike most couch varieties the Oz Tuff doesn’t throw up a seed head unless in distress. This means that although you may not mow it often it will still look nice rather than unkempt. Oz Tuff would be ideal on sloped areas, batters or in domestic settings.

 OzTuff Premium Turfgrass


Nullarbor Couch

  • This is another fine leaf couch
  • Like all couch lawns the area needs to be in full sun. This lawn can only handle 2 hours shade or it will die off
  • Rich Bright Green Colour
  • Fine Textured Leaf Couch
  • Well wearing for Children and Animals
  • Found to be fairly tolerable to most diseases
  • If you live in a frost affected area, the Nullarbor Couch will brown off, but will recover by applying fertilizer and water
  • Ideal couch for Parks, Sports Fields, Road Verges, Footpaths, Dam Walls, Residential Yards
  • Ideal for budget lawns however if the area has more than 2 hours shade this grass will die off. Overall whole cost of life will be more expensive than a quality Sir Walter or Platinum Lawn as it will require more fertiliser, weed control and maintenance.

Nullarbor Couch Turf





“Australian Bio-Technology at its finest”40705025 - ecology concept save world illustration.

If you are looking for a cleaner and greener turf then look no further.

If you need a better way to manage and maintain the health of your soil – we have the solution.

Of all the ingredients that go into producing any planting, a healthy soil base has always been the key.

As you will see, the key to producing healthy soil is in doing it “Naturally”.

Platinum Zoysia, Sir Walter DNA and Nullarbor Couch are all available in Clean Green.

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