Lawn Recycling

Transform Your Property with Lawn Recycling

CT Lawns Lawn Recycling

Lawn recycling is a great way to give new life to an old yard. Renovating your lawn, just like any other home renovation, can also put money in your pocket by increasing property value by up to 16% in QLD homes and saving money on future lawn maintenance.

CT Lawns is a premier turf supplier in Brisbane; we have the expertise, experience, and landscape supplies to make sure you get the best result.

What Is Lawn Recycling?

Renovating your lawn involves improving and enhancing it based on what’s already there. Have you ever seen a beautiful house with an awful lawn? It decreases the overall appeal of the property – lawn recycling fixes this problem.

At CT Lawns we offer a start-to-finish service. We can remove your existing lawn, level out your yard, and improve your soil. Then we add nourishing starter fertiliser and water crystals to prepare the ground and lay premium turf like Sir Walter Buffalo Grass or Zoysia Grass.

Once your new lawn is laid out we prepare and roll it out for you with our quality landscape supplies. We’ll even clean up – our team of Brisbane turf suppliers care about your lawn looking its best.

Why Choose Lawn Recycling?

There are a number of reasons to recycle your lawn:

For Profit

An Australian study conducted by Real Estate Australia found that a new lawn can increase your property value by up to 16%.

To Save Time and Money

An inferior yard requiring intensive lawn maintenance will eat into your day and your wallet.

 To Treat Yourself

Few things are more relaxing than unwinding in a perfect backyard.

Choose Brisbane’s expert turf suppliers

CT Lawns has been creating Brisbane lawns for nearly three decades. We know the specific challenges Brisbane homeowners face – we know the climate, the soils, and – most importantly – we know what varieties of turf will work for your project.

Get Recycling

If you want to recycle your lawn, CT Lawns has the expertise, landscape supplies, and lawn maintenance know-how to help you transform your yard and keep it that way. Call us on 1800 685 296 or enquire online.