Watering new turf

Upon installation, completely soak the new turf with at least 25 mm of water and check that the water has seeped through the turf and into the soil below.

  • A little hint to save on water is to place a cup 2 metres away from the sprinkler, when the cup measures approximately 25 mm move the sprinkler to a different area.
  • Ideally water for 1 hour per day for the first two weeks, by doing this, the turf will establish its root system.
  • When you believe your turf has become firmly rooted, less frequent and deeper watering should begin.
  • Please note weather conditions dictate the amount and frequency of watering, be certain that your new turf has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy periods.
  • Reflected heat from buildings dry out turf quicker, so be sure to water these areas more often.
  • A good indication that your turf is too dry will be gaps developing between the joins and if you pick up a corner and find the soil is very dry, you need to water immediately.
  • Once fully established (approximately 8 weeks) the turf should only be watered when necessary, by doing this it will assist in producing a more drought tolerant turf.

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