NSW Deliveries Fire Ant Prevention Information

Dear Customer,

We thank you for choosing us to help you complete your turf project!

CT Lawns is not located within the Biosecurity Zone pertaining to Fire Ants. We follow all the recommended biosecurity practices to ensure that our product is compliant for distribution into non-Fire ant zones. We obtain Plant Health Certificates by providing the records of farm treatment to QLD Biosecurity and obtain a Movement Certificate from NSW Biosecurity for a delivery. We can provide you with a copy for your records at any time.

Nonetheless, at the moment the NSW DPI is working very hard to continue to eliminate the risks of Fire ants coming into NSW so they NEED YOUR HELP!

So, what do you need to do?

In accordance with the current NSW Biosecurity (Fire Ant) Emergency Order it is a requirement by law to lay the turf upon delivery and immediately after laying, treat the turf with an APVMA approved chemical.

The NSW DPI recommend the following products:

Monarch G Insecticide, Anthem Insecticide Granule, RichGro Ant Killa or Brigade Ezy Granular Turf insecticide.

For further information please visit https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/dpi/bfs/insect-pests/rifa/rules-for-moving-products-into-nsw/What-are-you-moving-from-Queensland/turf

The good news is, we stock Monarch G Insecticide or you are welcome to source the above mentioned products yourself but it must be applied as soon as your new turf is installed. Additionally, you can purchase a fertilizer spreader to help with uniform coverage if you wish.

Monarch G is a high-quality product and has been known to control Lawn grub also. Please refer to the label when applying this product. With correct usage this product will not affect your turf.

Your compliance with this matter is greatly appreciated and we are proud to be doing our part to stop the spread of Fire Ants.