Different uses for lawn

Green grass staircase in garden - Different uses for lawn

There are many different uses for lawn apart from simply providing a lush, green surface for your front or backyard. We’ve put together a list of design ideas to inspire more creative uses of lawn to suit your home and lifestyle. Next time you want to make changes to your home, why not try these DIY lawn ideas?

Creative Lawn Ideas 

Mini Golf Area

Bring everyone’s favourite holiday activity into your own backyard by creating a lawn mini golf area. Build your course with any available combination of bricks, wood, plastic toys and just be as creative as you like with whatever you have! Choose a different kind of turf from the rest of your lawn so you can distinguish the boundaries of the course holes.

Grass Wall

A grass wall is an increasingly popular trend in organic restaurants and cafes. Why not create a vibrant statement with a lawn wall in your outdoor entertainment area? Make use of vertical space and blank walls by creating living art, even shearing a design into the turf if you fancy yourself an artist.

Outdoor Lawn Clock

A round or square wall clock is a creative, green way to keep track of time. Adorn the turf with coloured metal hands and numbers for a colourful, unique piece of outdoor decor.

Basketball Court

Give the kids a place to practice their basketball skills on the lawn. Paint court lines on the turf in front of the hoop, allowing hours of shooting practice without the constant sound of a bouncing ball or skinned knees from concrete.

Green Staircase

If your outdoor space includes a staircase, blend it into the lush surrounding by covering each step and the handrail in lawn. With vines on the railing or the addition of twinkling lights, you can create a beautiful garden paradise.


Have the kids safely play hopscotch on the grass by painting the game onto the lawn near the playground. Get creative with colours and turf types, allowing you to ensure it blends in or stands out as much as you like.

Chess or Checkerboard

Sticking with games, try using different types of lawn in squares to create a live chess or checkerboard as a garden feature. Simply and affordably use paving stones, upturned buckets, or get even more creative with making your supersized board ‘pieces’.

Balcony Floor

Only have a balcony for outdoor living, but crave some greenery? Covering the floor of the balcony with lawn will make you feel like you have your own tiny backyard. Combine with a turf wall for a truly green outdoor space.

Between Tiles

Create a unique surrounding to a pool or pond by laying turf between large tiles or stepping-stones. This will add interest as well as easy access for a refreshing swim. Run-off water absorbs into the grass.


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