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Zoysia Grass

A Zoysia lawn from CT Lawns has so many advantages as well as it being such a beautiful deep green colour, medium width leaf and soft. Zoysia turf is technically a very proficient lawn. Zoysia is so low maintenance it is sometimes called the ‘no mow lawn’. If you’re considering a lawn installation on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, Zoysia grass offers you a great range of benefits.

Less Mowing with Zoysia Grass

Because it grows so slowly and neatly, Zoysia in Brisbane where the year-round heat makes everything grow, is a perfect choice. You’ll only need to mow your Zoysia lawn once every month or so, leaving you more time and more money, and reducing your carbon footprint from mower fuel.


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Save on Watering

Once it is established, Zoysia grass needs almost no watering. It’s actually best simply not to water Zoysia Grass, even in Brisbane summers, until it starts to wilt and discolour. This species of grass has very long and dense roots, and can find deeper sources of water than others – a Zoysia lawn just won’t need you to water it much of the time.

Tough and Pest-Resistant

Zoysia is tough enough to grow well in both the heat and cold, and handles moderate shade well, though it does need four to five hours of sun a day. Zoysia Grass also has natural defences against weeds and pests, so you won’t need to spend as much on weed and pest control.

Stop Erosion with a Zoysia Lawn

Erosion is a problem around the world, especially in hot, stormy areas like southeast QLD. Studies have shown that soil coverings can reduce erosion by more than 95%, and Zoysia is the most effective lawn turf for doing so. The extra deep, dense root network of Zoysia Grass holds topsoil firmly in place.

Call Your Brisbane Turf Suppliers

To learn more or start planning your Zoysia lawn call Brisbane’s premium turf suppliers, CT Lawns, on 1300 547 520 or enquire online.

Zoysia Grass as a game changer

This is the coverage by the GCSAA-TV on the Zoysia as a Game Changer Tour as was run in San Antonio on 23rd February . This video highlights Team Zoysia and one of the new golf courses just re-turfed in Zoysia in Texas as well as the tour to Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, Texas.

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