The Impact of Mowing on your Lawn

A lawn mower mowing the green grass

Correct Mowing

Mowing can have a huge impact on your lawn.

 If you let your grass grow too long mow it long or stretch out the time between mowing so you’re mowing more than a third of the plant leaf off at any point in time, you’ll will be scarfing the lawn. What does this mean – it, is where you’re exposing the understory of the plant. It takes away the food production hub of the plant that’s in your leaf and the plant has to use the reserves it’s stored up in it’s crown or it’s root set to continue to grow.

In doing that, sometimes you will get death in the worst case or you will get very poor or uneven recovery after mowing. Preferably you would mow on a weekly basis to a fortnightly basis and in winter you’ll stretch it out to a month. Keep in mind that a mowing frequency is determined by the speed of growth of your variety. It’s hard to give a generalized rule as different varieties will grow at different rates. No species, in my opinion, should be higher than 50 mm (2 inches) unless you’re mowing with a REEL mower . You shouldn’t be mowing any less than 25 millimeters (1 inch) to maintain a generally healthy plant condition to keep your lawn flourishing.

So enjoy your lawn and keep a good height on your mower.