Controlling lawn weeds starts with choosing the right type of grass for your area and conditions. Regular lawn mowing and fertilising as part of your lawn maintenance routine is also vital so the grass is healthy and dense, making it harder for weeds to set in. If weeds do appear, it’s best to tackle them straight away before they set seed and spread. Get advice from the professionals on identifying lawn weeds and the best ways to deal with them.

There are various herbicides available, including selective and non-selective. Non-selective products kill most plants including your lawn; selective herbicides target specific weeds only.

It is strongly recommended that your consult your turf expert to properly identify the weed in question first, so you can treat it with an appropriate and effective spray.

You will also need to check the suitability of the selected herbicide product for use on your lawn type. For example, many are not suitable for buffalo lawns. We carry a wide range of weed and pest control products for buffalo and other lawn varieties.

Remember to always follow manufacturer’s instructions on the pack.

All Purpose Weed Control

All Purpose Weed Control is the perfect solution to control most common weeds.

All Purpose Weed Control is a ready-to-use weed control agent specifically developed for use on lawns, with 1 pack covering 200 square meters’.

Use for the control of Bindii, Creeping Oxalis, Catsear, Clover, Cudweed, Dandelion and other annoying but common lawn weeds.

2L – Treats 200m² – $23.50