Which Turf Is Best For Dogs?

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Turf Which is Best For Dogs


  • Hard-wearing
  • Deep-rooted system
  • Quick recovery from damage
  • Soft underfoot and to touch

Many families want a luscious green lawn that can cope with the heavy traffic from their active dog. There are many turf varieties available that will remain green despite a dog’s high energy activity thanks to deep roots that give it a better wear tolerance.

When considering a dog-friendly grass you also need to ascertain if your lawn will have full sun or be subject to some shade.

Top Dog-Friendly Turf Varieties

Dog-Friendly Couch Varieties

Couch grasses also have rapid regrowth for repairing dog damaged areas, for example, OZTUFF®Couch.


OZTUFF®Couch is an excellent hard-wearing grass for families with very active dogs.

The home-bred Couch stays green and recovers rapidly following damage from wear and tear.

OZTUFF’s deep-rooted system gives it robust characteristics and its soft green grass cover protects the underlying growth from dog activity.

Water OZTUFF Couch when you notice the lawn browning off. Infrequent deep watering of your OZTUFF Couch is recommended early in the morning.

To maintain protective growth cover, during warmer months mow OZTUFF Couch every 7 days to a height of 25mm and in cooler conditions every 3 to 6 weeks to a height of 30mm.

Dog-Friendly Buffalo Varieties

Certain Buffalo varieties, such as Prestige® Buffalo, Sapphire® Buffalo and Palmetto® Buffalo, can tolerate shade conditions and have good wear tolerance.

Prestige Buffalo

Prestige Buffalo’s deep-rooted system means it is a hardy tough wearing grass suitable for lots of wear and tear from active dogs.

To give your Prestige more protection from activity mow to a level of 45mm in sunny conditions every 7-10 days. During cooler months mow your Prestige to about 60mm every 3-6 weeks.

Remember to water your Prestige Buffalo deeply every 7-10 days.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo

As with most Buffalo varieties, Sapphire Soft Leaf is a highly durable robust lawn that is ideal for dogs and children.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is also able to cope with up to 70% shade cover and has a rapid recovery rate at damaged areas on your grass.

Mow your Sapphire Soft Leaf buffalo to a height of 45mm in sunny sites and up to 60mm in shaded area. Infrequent deep watering of Sapphire should occur early in the morning.

Palmetto Buffalo

One of the most dog-friendly, hardwearing Buffalo varieties is Palmetto.

Palmetto Buffalo’s durability is because of its large deep-rooted system that makes it an excellent dense lawn with strong wear tolerance.

When mowing your Palmetto lawn, to maintain hardiness, raise the mower’s height to 45mm in sunny areas and 60mm in shade sites. Water your Prestige Buffalo deeply every 7-10 days to encourage re-growth.

Dog-Friendly Zoysia Varieties

Zoysia grasses are more suitable to medium wear and tear from dogs as they have slower regrowth compared to other varieties, ideal options are Empire®Zoysia and Nara Native®Zoysia.

Nara Native Zoysia

Nara Native grasses can tolerate medium hard-wearing conditions because they have slower re-growth compared to Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo varieties.

If you have dogs playing on your Nara Native Zoysia mow to a height of 45mm. When you notice your Nara Native wilting, deep infrequent water early in the morning is recommended.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is another good choice for areas with medium traffic activity. Empire Zoysia is water-efficient and maintains a good winter colour.

So your Empire Zoysia maintains wearability mow to a height of 45mm. During dry conditions, you only need to water your Empire Zoysia when you notice leaf wilting.

Water Empire Zoysia infrequently and deeply early in the morning.