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Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a very popular turf. It is a high performing couch grass for your home lawn, commercial project or sporting surface.

Wintergreen Couch is the couch variety that is best suited to your region and is a great couch grass at a low price.

  • Like all couch grass it requires at least 6 hours full sun to survive under average wear conditions.
  • It has a lush green colour
  • It has a fine leaf.
  • It is very soft to walk on.
  • It is hard wearing and self repairing.
  • It is very beneficial to use fertiliser on this couch grass 2-3 times per year to help maintain its density.


wintergreen couch grass great low cost lawn for full sun areas


Wintergreen Couch Grass is a great low cost lawn for full sun areas.

As the biggest supplier of Wintergreen Couch Grass in Queensland you are in expert hands!

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